Crafting a Sales Page That Makes Your Clients Reach For Their Card (Part 4)

By Alex

March 29, 2022

Read Part 1 here where I break down your Product Name + Tagline + Big Promise.

Read Part 2 here where I delve in to Guarantees/Refund Policies + YOUR ethical stance on these plus Testimonials.

Read Part 3 here where I break why using Scarcity or Urgency to make your clients buy NOW rather than "next week" is som important.

Right, it's time to start putting some meat on the bones of your Sales Page now that you've taken care of the easy stuff - and look! You've already got a good few paragraphs and the shapings of a page and you've not even broken into a sweat yet! ๐Ÿฅƒ


Right, so this is where it's going to start getting a little uncomfortable because I'm going to ask you to put on your "Marketing Hat", your "I'm fucking marvellous" hat and show yourself off a bit - which may seem a little uncomfortable, but that's fine - write it all down and you can always come back tomorrow and edit it once you've slept on it if it feels a bit too boasty

This section is going to go below your headline and strapline of your course or offer and it's all about demonstrating why you're different.

Why YOU and not your competitor - and although most similar programs will be the same in terms of results (for the best part) - your way of working is always going to be different - and it's time to start letting your personality shine.

So, first job - what's the problem - and why did you choose to develop your method to solve this problem? E.g., if a weight-loss coach is telling everyone to eat Paleo, why are you saying "eat the goddamn ice-cream"? 

What was it about YOUR method which really worked for you and decided it was better than other methods you'd experienced or tried in the past which kept you searching until you found what actually worked for you?

Right now, you're keeping quiet about what the actual offer is and what it entails, but I want you to paint a picture of the fact they have this problem... and you understand that their problem is important and that there is a solution <---you're just not telling it yet


This is also the time to indicate what the solution looks like rather than what it is. E.g., you want to talk about having more time to spend with your family and loved ones - but not go heavy with the "systemise the shit out of your life and spend 2 hours with a bullet journal every Sunday".

Huge difference - you're selling the "promised land" and not the aeroplane you'll be flying on to get there

For the love of G-d do NOT start with "Imagine...." ๐Ÿคฎ - it's been done, done & done 1000 times and you can do better than that. John Lennon has a LOT to answer for! 


Whilst this is not the place for your all bells and whistles "About Me" page - this is the time to introduce yourself with a quick bio selling your "best bits". This doesn't mean your high school diploma - but your 18 years experience as a badass, where you're from and a bit about your life - this makes you real. A whole list of qualifications is literally "just academics" - but you need your buyers to see you as an actual person. Got a hobby? Cool!  Tell them. 

You might also choose to include any media stories you've been featured on (but don't link to these because you don't want people leaving the sales page!) - but you're going to use this as Social Proof (Other people like me, so you'd be in good company).

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