Crafting a Sales Page That Makes Your Clients Reach For Their Card (Part 2)

By Alex

March 25, 2022

Read Part 1 here where I break down your Product Name + Tagline + Big Promise.

Because writing your Sales Page can seem like a dauntless task I've broken it down into easy chunks for you - and today, much like yesterday - we're going to do an easy bit again.

Because bollocks to "swallow the frog" 🐸 - I want you to be able to grow your confidence and you'll do that by successfully mastering your copywriting skills as you go by doing the "easier bits" rather than trying to get stuck in to the hard bits, slamming your laptop lid down, pulling on your pyjamas and crawling back in to bed with a packet of Oreos and some ugly crying!

Offering a Guarantee

This one is fairly easy to do because you're just going to have to make a decision using our own moral compass and how you like to be treated as a customer. 

Realistically, unless you have very deep pockets you won't be able to get any legal comeback across international borders and if there's a payment dispute, then the creditcard company will likely side with the customer.

So what's it going to be? You want your customers to have done their due diligence and actively chosen YOU and not somebody else - but sometimes things go wrong.

Maybe the program isn't what they thought it was going to be, maybe they've been hit by a personal crisis, life has hit them with a sledgehammer and it's just not an option to continue at this time - or maybe they're just a "chancer" and this is the way they roll.

But... you need to decide how you're going to deal with this.

  • Choice 1 - Digital Assets: Once these have been downloaded then the customer has your intellectual property and it's not possible to "un-have" it!

    Many people say "no refunds for digital products" - but you can also opt to simply "refund and move on".

  • Choice 2 - Larger Payments/Longer Courses: If the work has already been supplied (e.g., copywriting/web design/graphics) then you will have to have a sensible discussion and try and find a resolution.

    Are they asking for their money back because they're unhappy with the work? If so, can you work to make them happy?

    If the work or course has only been partially completed then you may choose to offer a partial refund.

    If they're suffering personal troubles - could you suggest they return and complete their course when they're back on an even keel?

  • Choice 3 - Memberships/Monthly Recurring Payments: Oh girl! "Tied-in contracts" are so 2016! Let the people leave goddamnit!

All of these choices you make should be indicated in your Terms of Service or T&C's - however, in the world of service-based businesses I trust you to be able to make your own judgement on a case-by-case basis, but it doesn't do you any harm at all to have some "rules" in place - if nothing else, for you yourself to refer to if you get a request for a refund and to stop you going in to a blind panic and questioning every single decision you've ever made!

Personally for Digital Offers and Memberships I think it's best to offer a 30 day refund policy to allow your customers to take a good look at the materials - or around the membership site - and decide whether it's right for them.

In actuality very, very few people will request a refund of a digital product - if they do - "bless and move on" because frankly, who's got the head space for the bad energy of a low-ticket item? 

For a membership or longer running program which takes monthly payments - then it's only fair and respectful of your client to allow them to leave at ANY point before the next monthly payment is taken. 

If you try and tie someone in to sticking with you for 12 months but they've decided after 3 weeks that you're "full of shit", then believe me - they're not going to go around singing your praises! 

Always set up your payment systems to remind your customers that the "next payment will be taken in 3 days" - this is respectful and allows not only for your clients to gracefully bow out if they don't wish to continue - and... it allows people to shuffle money around in their account to ensure the payment will be met which is gonna save you a whole heap of hassle chasing a missed payment. Win-win!

Highlighting Your Credibility

This isn't always going to be possible if you're just starting out, it's a new product - or even through personal choice. Many believe that instead of showing you 100+ customer testimonials πŸ₯± - it's better to just let your customers see you "living your truth" - and I certainly think there's value in that!

But, you may wish for the purposes of boosting your credibility want to pull together a few bits to show just how fucking amazing you are:

  • A brief "About Me" section highlighting your BESTEST BEST bits and introducing you as a leader and the "face" of the product.
  • As seen on - been featured in any cool publications lately?

I know it seems kind of a lot to be thinking about for today's tasks - but it really shouldn't take you that long and using your moral compass for your refund + guarantee policy plus the ACTUAL FACTS about you means it's less worry and more just write the damned thing down! πŸ₯ƒ

Part 3 here

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