Hi, I'm Alex,

and I help women BULLETPROOF their Copywriting & Marketing... without the DRAMA!

I'm a copywriting, email, sales page and marketing strategist who's a massive introvert - in fact I'm AUTISTIC - which means I've had to study very hard to learn how to be visible online. 

I hate scripts and I hate being told what to do! 

I believe that success and contentment come from doing what FEELS right, not by following RULES! In fact, rule books should be torn up!

I'm not "woo", but I DO believe in inner strength, trusting your intuition and shaping your own purpose for a fulfilling life - with ZERO FOX GIVEN

I'm a coach who's not a coach. 

God I loathe that word "coach".

I'm not here to tease and draw the answers out of you - and I'm not going to fling glitter at you and tell you that you're shitting unicorns - if you're NOT!

I'm here to help YOU save time, do away with the BULLSHIT and to MARKET and SELL with INTEGRITY without ever losing sight of the fact we're actually in this game for FUN!

Nobody ever said it was going to be easy but sales and marketing are NOT an option when running your own business.

But I'm here for you.

Your BULLETPROOF cheerleader.

With my copywriting your website feels like brand you

I provide reliable, affordable copywriting services for female creatives, online coaches, course & service providers. 

I'm here to help you succeed with your online business.

My Background

I was a "good girl".

Did well at school. Went to University. Studied HARD things. Spread my wings and took a job abroad where I ended up living for 15 years!

Despite the shiny office in the "architecturally approved" building - I was never really happy.

I was working as Technical Project Manager working on huge international projects for household names... but I didn't really "get" office politics - and there's not much space for freedom of expression when you're writing software to order!

And so, despite me enjoying the actual meat and bones of the work - I couldn't help but feel I was just a small cog in a giant machine. I used to joke that my job title was "Knoppen Drukker" (Dutch for "button pusher").

I knew I WANTED more - and I knew I NEEDED a different kind of life... but what to do? 

I made tentative steps away from the corporate life, tiny little pivots trying to make "corporate me" work in the online world.

And it was shit.

It STILL wasn't me... and I certainly didn't know HOW to market and sell myself.

I knew I didn't want to do "bro marketing" - not sure my arse would even FIT in a fancy Ferrari seat! 😂 

Didn't want to be a sleaze-bag hitting up people's DMs - didn't want to follow pushy scripts which treated customers like numbers, so I had to find a BETTER way. An AUTHENTIC way.

The Journey

My copy and writing as dry and dull as a German technical instruction manual!*

Plus... nobody ever told me I'd need to SELL - or to WIN clients!

That bit of business had always been taken care of by someone else.

I had to LEARN how to BE ME - how to get VISIBLE, how to EMBRACE all my silly quirks and STRANGENESS... and then go out and SELL THE SHIT out of it

Because ugh. Selling. Nobody wants to be a damned salesman do they?

*Please tell me I'm not the ONLY one who sings the French instructions for my Instant Pot to "ne me quitte pas"... "don't touch the hot bits, don't forget to turn me off...". 😳

The Solution

Over time - and doing 1000 wrong FOR me things (!) - I came to appreciate that true success in business (and life), comes from being in alignment with your values - and doing what works for you - even if NOBODY else is doing it!

ESPECIALLY if nobody else is doing it.

Because that's EXACTLY where the POWER lies.

If everyone else is doing something a certain way - you can be sure as shit that it's boring, inauthentic, scripted, shady and will have you trying to swallow those nasty words and feelings because it's like wearing someone else's wardrobe!

That's why I help connect female entrepreneurs with the way they WANT to be visible to the world - in a way which SERVES their integrity - but NEVER loses sight of the fact - we run a BUSINESS!

It's time to BULLETPROOF your business game - and your life!


I'm a single mum of 2 in my late-40s and I live in the wilds of Scotland. I love open-water swimming and best of all in the sea! My creative outlet is sewing and to switch off my "business brain" at the weekends you'll find me hunched over my sewing machine creating masterpieces... um... not worth of a Parisian runway! 




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