Hack Your Auto-Responder With Your Best Newsletters

By Alex

April 23, 2022

Newsletters are the most powerful connection you can have with your audience and potential clients.

These are the people who didn't just 'hit a like' button as they were idly scrolling by stood in the line at the coffee shop... these are the people who thought "hang on a minute, I like this gal and I'd like to hear more". 

But, because our list continuously grows and by the very nature of the business, you will write repeatedly about your core topics and so there will be an element of repetition - and, please don't worry about this for ANY of your marketing channels because not all your clients will see everything. Even the person who opens every single email you ever send will miss some. Even your cat won't open every single one they receive! 😁

And the thing is, you're going to write some stonkingly brilliant emails - hit send - and then 10 new people sign up the next day.

God dammit! They missed your brilliance by a measly 24 hours - and don't they deserve your 'love letters' too?

Your newsletter is your "love letters" to your audience - your special inner circle.

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The easiest way to 'hack' your autoresponder and STRENGTHEN YOUR EMAIL GAME is to use those previously written brilliant newsletters and insert them into your 'welcome sequence'.

*Your welcome sequence is the one you send out when new people join your list. So the first one is going to be "hey boo! here's your freebie" - and then an introduction to you and so forth.

Because you don't want them to miss your BEST MOST HILARIOUS HIT-THE-SPOT work, you can place this into that sequence and they'll get to see your brilliance in action - and, because they're new to your list they won't know that actually you wrote that yesterday, last week, last month or even last year.

At the same time, you don't want to schedule these to be going out daily when someone is new to your list because you're just going to piss them off! Personally there's nothing I hate more than being hit by a barrage of emails from someone I signed up to just 2 days ago. I don't know why, but it just really grinds my gears - especially when it's all you-gotta-buy-this-right-now-this-offer-goes-away-tick-tock.  πŸ₯±

The thing that's so frequently lacking is the building of a genuine connection - i.e., getting in my email box and showing me how freakin' brilliant they are - without trying to sell the shit out of something!

I mean we're all on mailing lists for clothes stores who don't need to build a 'personal relationship' because we either need a new T-shirt or we don't. Nonetheless, not every email I get from them is "buy this season's hottest T-shirt" (does hottest work? Who wants a 'hot t-shirt'? πŸ˜‚) - I get emails from them about seasonal trends or even showcasing the business.

So often with newbie entrepreneurs - or those not particularly confident with their writing skills do is 'perfect' their email sales sequence and plop it into the autoresponder and the actually writing + sending of a newsletter just gets stuck on the "To Do" list... which never gets done.

I want you to keep writing newsletters and developing that relationship - and the more you write, the better you'll become - and the stronger your audience will grow.

So - back to timing. Maths geeks amongst you will have heard of the Fibonacci sequence which represents 'nature's sequence' . You'll have come across it in school for sure - the idea is simply that you add the preceding 2 numbers to come up with the next. E.g., your sequence looks like: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, ... and so forth.

Some marketers recommend using this number sequence for sending out newsletters within their welcome sequence -  and claim they have enormous success with it.

I kind of agree up until about Day 34 - then the gaps just get waaaaaaay too big very quickly along the sequence - and, because we are trying to nurture this relationship without overwhelm - yet at the same time - not 'chickening out of the deal', I think it's better to be more regular.

When I pop an absolute BANGER of an email into my welcome sequence which I know my new readers will love - I'll put another great one in the day after. I know that because they'll have loved the previous one, they're more likely to read the next - which is great for your authority and giving any spam filters a hard swerve!

Then I'll send another one 3/4 days later. 

And repeat.

Some of the emails within that sequence might become irrelevant with an ever-evolving online business - or, they might fall into the category of "no longer my best work" - at which point they'll be retired and replaced. (Poor emails, hope they don't have feelings!)

It's a super-simple hack and because your work will improve month on month upon month - your newest subscribers always get access to your BEST WORK right away and you can take the pressure off yourself to always be coming up with weapons grade content ALL THE TIME.

Even Shakespeare chucked a whole heap of stuff in the waste bin! πŸ˜‰

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