Copy With Warmth & Humour – Now More Than Ever!

By Alex

July 20, 2022

Just in case you hadn't noticed - here's your PSA (Public Service Announcement):

The whole world's gone a bit "wonky"!

There are just way too many things to go into right now, but I think we've all looked around the last few months and thought "I don't like the look of this much" - but aside where it leaves our personal lives - what about the very real situation about where it leaves our online businesses?

The time for same ol', same ol', been done (and said) before so many times is over.

It really is the time more than ever to be injecting WARMTH and HUMOUR into your copywriting to make genuine connections with your audience

Now more than ever in this disconnected, wonky world - people are crying out for a proper human connection - and this is where YOU come in to play.

It's your JOB to be: WARM & HUMAN

Sounds obvious right? But no, it really isn't.

I promise you that it's better to make a total arse of yourself and be true to your own personality, than to try and 'borrow' someone else's personality because you think it sounds more professional or how you 'should' sound.

But the truth is, weird & wonderful is EXACTLY the space you need to be in.

And... when I say give WARMTH - be WARMTH - what I mean is, allow yourself to CARE.

Yep, really CARE about your clients and your students.

Care about their lives, care about their outcomes, care about what's going on around the world for them.

Connections come through warmth, giving and sharing - and, because you're in the world of online business that means that you've got to allow yourself to "meet & greet".

It's kinda 'fashionable' (I'm rolling my eyes here) to not allow your clients into your 'inner circle' or get to see the 'real you'. That's a state of mind that comes from an ego too big for its boots!

People want to feel cared for - and, you can't fake that - ask Meghan Markle! πŸ˜‚

When you're writing your copy - and this means everything from what's on your home page on your website, through your newsletter, your launch emails and all the handouts you ever produce... it's important to be real and show your personality.

Because if you don't?... you're just another anonymous stooge and a potential client (or repeat client) may as well just go to the library or keep on reading.

It can be difficult when you're writing copy to 'let go' - and what I mean by that is - if you generally write & speak well, it's a bit of an art to turn that around and write copy which speaks to real people. There's a world of difference between writing an official report for your old boss... and speaking your truth in a way which invites trust and belief in you and your values.

Whilst all my bespoke work is written with warmth & humour - I also make a point to inject this into any templates I deliver - because frankly? Life's too fucking short not to see the funny side of things and allow a wry smile or two.

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