Essential Pages for Your Service Website – Know/Like/Trust Factor

By Alex

June 25, 2022

Website MUST-HAVES for your service-based business

Visit most online entrepreneur websites and you'll either find soooo many confusing paths you could take you feel bamboozled and confused and so head off to find something less intimidating - OR, there's not enough info for you to be able to feel the Know/Like/Trust factor about the person you'd like to work with - and so again, you head off to find someone who can answer your questions and make you book that call with them!

But how do you know what's necessary and what's superfluous? Free stuff page and Recommended resources page I'm looking at you! πŸ˜‚ 

Know, Like & Trust Factor

When you're working online (creator/coach/service or course provider) then you have competition! Sorry bubs, but you do.

To differentiate yourself from the boring Stepford Wives of Online Business, you need to let loose and display your personality.

Rather than showing a meticulously curated "perfect persona" which probably (!) isn't you - you need to demonstrate your weird & quirky personality - over time - so that your audience get to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you. 

Once you've got those three checked off in your client's mind, it will be much, much easier to sell to them. Because who on earth is going to hand over their $$$ to someone they don't trust? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

So to best demonstrate TRUST on your website, you should make sure it contains the following information - because let's face it - there's a reason the big multinationals have this - and it's not because they're boring - it's because they're professional and it's a "business face". 

Sure, sure, sure you're all lovely, sweet, funny, kind, hilarious AND get your work done - but people don't hire "funny asshats", they hire professionals

Know, Like & Trust Factor - Clients don't hire "funny asshats" - they hire professionals! #smallbizmarketing #womeninbusiness

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Yada yada - goes without saying right? 

Your first objective is to make it crystal clear what you do and who you help.

This is NOT where you get all apologetic about your credentials and play the "pick me" game.

Straight up. This is who I am and this is what I do.

About Page

Although this is where you're going to toot your own horn and show people that you can walk the talk by way of your history - it's also where you get to show your potential customers why they should come to YOU and how you can help them.

It needs to be the perfect blend of "I'm fucking amazing" and "I can help you sort your shit out because... "

Contact Page

Because nobody, but NOBODY with half an ounce of brain is going to invest in an online company which has no way of contacting them. We've all heard the stories about being burned by buying clothes from Instagram which never arrive and there's no contact details for the company which sold them!

I get it. You want to maintain your privacy and the world has its fair share of nutters - but you don't need to post a photo of your front door and times when you'll be home, but you do need to make it easy for people to get in touch with you - whether that's by email, form or a chat bot.


These are the paged where your potential clients can get to know you better.

This includes the About Page where you're going to wax lyrical about just how great you are, but it should also be written in a way which sounds like you. 

This is not the place for a dull CV type wall of text - but instead an insight into you, your humour and your personality.

Blog Page

Your blog is where you can really let your personality shine through and show people what you're truly about.

It's sometimes seen as a little "old-fashioned", but I guarantee you - each and every successful entrepreneur has built their audience and obtained huge growth by putting out content - INCLUDING written content (i.e., blogging!). 

There is simply no better way to let your customers get to know you, learn about what you do, for you to share your knowledge and teachings - and of course, let Google know you're here and you're a serious contender.

The more valuable content available on your site, the more weight Google lends your site and therefore you rank higher in the listings.

Services Page

If you're selling coaching or packages then you'll want to have a main Services page where you can display what it is you're selling. Again, this lends itself to your potential customers getting to know you and what you do.

You may wish to link off from here to have individual sales pages for individual packages - especially if more detail is required.


When you're selling yourself - which is essentially what you're doing when you're selling services or consultancy online - you need to be liked by your potential customers.

Don't worry about the people who don't like you - your job is not to convince people to like you - your job is to help the people who DO like you and want to work with you.

Your blog is a great way for you to inject your personality without playing a keyword stuffing game or your main pages "being the same as everyone else's". People who like what you write - and ergo like you (!) will keep on reading and will want to learn more from you.

Great headshots - and no, you don't need to be a supermodel - are a great way for people to see you. There's certainly an industry built around these "instagram-worthy" gorgeous coaches - but there are a lot more of us out here who are grumpy, middle-aged, tired, overweight women who are still living our best lives. 😁

It's hard to like someone when you've no idea what they look like. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

I mean sure we read books and have no idea what the characters look like - but we paint a picture in our mind's eye. But these are chapters and verse and an entire story - a few basic pages on your website doesn't give your readers enough information to be able to build up that picture of you.

Great clear pictures of you help promote that Like, Know & Trust factor and build your confidence too - because hiding behind an anonymous brand keeps you playing small because if you're not "putting yourself out there" really then you can keep kidding yourself that "it doesn't really matter" and so you keep playing small. 

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