Doors are Closing Soon – SLAM that fucker shut!

By Alex

July 19, 2022

When we're writing our email launch sequences, can I ask a favour?

For the LOVE OF GOD can you please try and inject just a little bit of personality, warm and dare I say it? ORIGINALITY!

"Doors are closing" was fresh back in 2018 or so - right here, right now in 2022 it's fucking overdone. Tired, exhausted, boring AF and because everyone - I mean EVERYONE (even my cat!) has seen it before - those emails aren't going to get read.

Although it's true that you will get some people who get distracted or tell themselves they'll sign up as soon as they've put the washing away/got paid/nipped out to the supermarket and YES, they will come around - ffs, try and be original right? 

If your copy comes across as dull and boring and same ol' shit as everyone else - then why on earth are your potential customers going to choose to work with you and not the more interesting woman down the street who actually sounds like she GIVES A FUCK! 

"Doors are closing" is supposed to make it sound like you need to shuffle on in, because we're nearly full and if you miss this opportunity you're going to be left outside, standing in the rain with just your self-pity to use as an umbrella. 

Alternatives to "Doors are Closing"

I think I'd rather you refer to a fucking guillotine about to do the dirty on you if you don't sign up than some faux-scarcity and yawn-old copy practice.

So - wanna spice up your copy with a little "sit the fuck up and listen?"

Cool - you could run with: 

  • 24 hours or the guillotine's gonna chop off your head
  • The door is cracked open just a little for another 12 hours
  • "Almost done, hun"
  • May the odds be ever in your favour
  • Before I go... how many tacos do you want?
  • This offer is getting crisper than a Saharan camel
  • "Alexa, set a timer for 24 hours"
  • Can I ask a favour? Can you give me $997?

As you can see, literally ANYTHING is game - and your emails are far more likely to be read if the subject line piques the interest rather than just more "doors are clozzzzzzzz...."

Give it a try and let me know how you get on. πŸ₯ƒ

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