Crafting a Sales Page That Makes Your Clients Reach For Their Card (Part 3)

By Alex

March 26, 2022

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Using Urgency or Scarcity as a Psychological Nudge

Essentially... why now? 

Why should your prospective customer go right ahead today and hand over their hard-earned cash to you now?

Why not tomorrow? Or next week because they've got a busy weekend? Or next month when the kids are back/off school... and it all gets forgotten about - or even worse - they go to your competitor!

Why today? Why now?

Because that's what it boils down to - and we want our customers to invest in us and "strike whilst the iron is hot".

Depending on what you're selling there are several ways to go about this.

Selling Scarcity

This works particularly well if you're filling 1:1 spots or it's a time-intensive practice for you. 

If a task takes you an entire day then you cannot agree to do 10 in the same week. So in this instance you could say "only 5 spots" - and, if you're emailing about this and you've already sold some you can say "only 2 spots left". 

That gives Social Proof alongside the scarcity feeling - if they don't buy now they're gonna miss out! πŸ™€

Likewise, with a group coaching program you should be selling at the capacity you can handle. Long story short: Don't try and sell 100 spots if mentally you can only cope with 12*. Sure, you might make a little extra dough, but you'll drive yourself bananas.

If there are 12 spots, there are 12 spots. End of story.

*That may seem like annoying/boring advice, but I'm trying to save you a whole load of heartache/stress/breakdown fodder here.

Selling Urgency

This is having your customer make their decision based upon time. If they want in - at this price, then they'd better hit the damned BUY button RIGHT NOW!

If the offer is coming down "next Friday", it's coming down.

The only exception I've seen to this done well is when someone has said something like "Yeh, it was my birthday yesterday and I'm still drunk and I haven't updated the price yet...".

"$200 off if you buy before Tuesday?" Cool.

There has to be a real tangible reason for someone to buy 'now' rather than 'later' and you just need to give an incentive. 

And stick to your damned guns. Don't go giving a discount AFTER the "early bird" special offer has closed because that's just shady and it's not going to give a great start to your course if your early-birders are feeling cheated because they "followed the rules" and signed up early to get the discount.

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