Crafting a Sales Page That Makes Your Clients Reach For Their Card (Part 1)

By Alex

March 24, 2022

Female creators or coaches reach out to me because although they know what they want to sell (usually! after we've thrashed a few things out πŸ˜‚) - they get The Fear ℒ️ when it's time to actually sit down and write the damned Sales Page.

The usual story is one of these three:

  1. She Pretends It's Not Happening

    She ignores it. She ignores the fact she's got a service or course she's ready to sell. She talks half-arsedly about it on her Social Media channels and thinks if she gets a great HOORAY then she'll script something... but right now she's gonna procrastinate. Hey... we all do it! It doesn't get done.

  2. Writer's Block

    She sits down at her laptop surrounded by pieces of paper detailing her course or coaching programme and she figures "hey! how hard can this be? Imma know what I'm doing!".

    And she sits. And she gets up. And she pours a coffee. And she waters the plants whilst she's there. And she's reminded that she really hasn't called her aunt back from 2 months ago and now is as good at time as any.

    Eventually she returns to her laptop but the only words which flow freely from her fingers belong in a Stephen King 1980's horror flick!

    3. Ooooh Shiny Stuff!

    She gives it a good bash. Gets some words on a screen, but she's not really happy with them.

    Figures it's not her words or the style of the page - but what she REALLY needs is a "dedicated selling page tool" like Leadpages/ClickFunnels.

    So she signs up to one of those because she's read all the success stories and has heard all the tales of the "8-figure club".

    But it turns out... even with that fancy new $$$ software - the damned copy still doesn't write itself. Rude! πŸ˜‚ 

Kids come home from school and the usual household duties take over - and not one of these women have a damned Sales Page! 

Essential Elements of a High-Converting Sales Page Introduction

OK, let's start with an easy bit and your opening gambit - because it's a hella less stress getting something on paper which you've already done the legwork for, makes sense to you and what you're offering rather diving into the "hard stuff" and worrying about having to write, create & design "everything" as one giant, humungous task which looks out of the mists of indecision and Imposter Syndrome like Everest.

We're just gonna chunk this shit down a section at a time.

  1. Title of the Course or Program

    K.I.S.S. - if you're going to make this part of your signature offerings then it makes sense to align it with your entire movement or mission - but if you're not that far ahead yet (and hey, who is? Everyone's just winging it. EVERYONE!) - then a general rule would be to keep this to around 3 words max.

    At this point, the intention is NOT to go in to too much details or describe the outcome of the offer, but instead simply to give it a name which rolls off the tongue.

    Use powerful words that inspire - and alliteration is always well-received!

  2. The Tagline/Strapline (Big Promise)

    The tagline of your course is a 5-8 word promise of the transformation.

    You don't need to talk about the process here or get deep into the "hows" of it all happening, this is simply a "Fly Alex airlines direct to my house 3 times a day".

    That is - when someone joins your program, what's in it for them? What's going to happen? What can they expect?

    An example would be something like "lose 10lbs in 30 days".

  3. Who It's For

    Who needs this course? More importantly... who wants this result?

    There are plenty of women carrying around that extra 10lbs who really don't care one way or the other. Although they'd not argue if the scales were kind tomorrow morning, right now it's not a priority.

    You need to hone in the "why" this is a priority for the people who really do want the transformation and end result.

    They really DO want that 10lbs gone in 30 days.

    So for example "This is for the woman carrying that extra 10lbs she just can't shift and wants to feel sexy AF in her old jeans again".

    You want your potential client to be internally saying "yes, yes, yes, that's me! I want to be able to get my jeans on over my knees and feel sexy again!"... and you want her nodding along as she reads.
  4. Even if You...

    In the final part of your Opening Gambit it's time to demonstrate that you understand how hard the transformation is - because if it were that fucking easy, nobody would need your help right? 

    What I mean by this is that you acknowledge that reaching that destination isn't easy and so if we follow on from the losing weight idea, you might say something like:

    "Even when you've got 3 kids under 6 and haven't got a minute to yourself" or "Even if you eat all your meals in the car rushing from one appointment to the next".

    This shows you GET it. That you understand it's not just a case of clicking your heels 3 times and really wishing it were true!

There you go. You've just written the first chunk of your Sales Page. Kerching! πŸ₯ƒ

Crafting a Sales Page That Makes Your Clients Reach For Their Card (Part 2)

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