Crafting a Sales Page That Makes Your Clients Reach For Their Card (Part 5)

By Alex

March 30, 2022

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Read Part 3 here where I break why using Scarcity or Urgency to make your clients buy NOW rather than "next week" is som important.

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Because Part 4 was one of the hard bits, today we're going to be looking at something a little easier to craft - which also allows you to inject your personality and again it continues to thrash out Part 2 - i.e., the nuts and bones and helps you get really super-clear on what's going on... and more importantly - who this is NOT FOR!

Because we always want our clients to be doing their due diligence and choosing to work with you because you're fucking fantastic... and not just coming to you because "blah..." and now they want a refund a few weeks in because although you thought everything was going fine... they're just not committed.

Crafting the FAQ Section of Your Sales Page

OK, the FAQ is going to be at the lower portion of your page, before the guarantee and "final push" - but for those who ARE doing their due diligence, this gives you a chance to answer any questions they might have so they can be sure about what it is they're buying - and that they really do know it's a good fit for them.

These are the questions you get asked over and over - and, if something isn't quite clear then this is your opportunity to explain a little more.

It can be the really simple stuff like : "Is this course in person or is it online?" - and you can choose to answer this with something like "It's all going to be online and before we start, I'll be sure to send you over a link so you can join us. You'll be able to watch from your phone or laptop and if you want to join in, please make sure your microphone and camera are working!". 

If it's a course which involves a practical element then people may want to know if they need any equipment - e.g., if you're teaching a painting masterclass, then you'll want your students to be ready with paints/canvas and an area they can work in. Same principle if you're offering nutritional/cooking advice - if someone doesn't have access to a "full" working kitchen, then this is probably not the right course for them.

Questions which come up over and over again include:

  • How much time will I need to invest to get results?
  • I have [X problem/life situation] - will this still work for me?
  • Is there a community element?
  • Can I bring my friend/partner/assistant? 
  • Will this work for [X]?
  • Have you got any previous clients who've done this and achieved success? 
  • I already tried [X] and it just didn't work for me - why should I believe you that it's gonna work this time?
  • Can I get my money back if it doesn't work?
  • Do you have a Payment Plan in place? 

For each industry there are going to be slightly different questions which arise - but for the best part people want to be reassured that they're not wasting their time + money - and that they will get good results if they choose to work with you! 

How to Use Your FAQ Section to Get Rid of the TIME-WASTERS!

You can always use this section to SCARE THE SHIT OUTTA the ones who really shouldn't be there. πŸ˜‰

I know you want to make sales and fill your course - but... at what price? Uninterested, unmotivated and "sulky" students are not going to make you feel good about what you're delivering and will affect the vibe of the entire group - the vibe of those people who are a GREAT FIT for your course and are now being dragged down by "Negative Nancy."

For this reason - it's absolutely A-OK to say:

This is NOT for you if:

  • You aren't prepared to put in the work.
  • Don't really want to make the change for YOU, you're just doing it to keep someone else happy/quiet.
  • You're not ready and open to learn new things.
  • You aren't ready to go through a period of growth which may feel uncomfortable.
  • You're looking for a quick fix and think that by paying me $$$ you don't have to do the work!

All of those items above are partially to "get rid" of the people who aren't your best clients - but also to give a psychological nudge to those who are busy reading everything.

The idea is that they're reading those statements and thinking "but I AM ready to invest my time and energy" and "yes, I really do fucking wanna change this shit".

So it's a double-pronged tool there to help repel the ones who don't get you - and really draw in the ones who will be committed to the process of change.

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