Isn’t it Time to Unleash the Crazy in You?

You gotta know - there are OTHER FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS out there selling EXACTLY the same as you.

Well, give an inch or two. The same. They're in the same niche, selling the same sort of stuff, with the same sorta experience, the same sorta deliverables blah blah - and you need to know, it's NEVER about price! 

So why are your customers going to choose YOU - and not HER?

Well... this is where it starts to get a little uncomfortable. 


I'm not saying you're totally doolally crackers need-to-be-locked up. But you are special. And kooky. And funny. And weird. And adorable. And unique. 

And THAT is what you need to show to your customers because PERSONALITY MARKETING is going to trump 'perfect branding' and 'curated IG feeds' EVERY time. EVERY time.

Your personality - that peeling back of the curtains to reveal who you REALLY are - foibles and all - is what's going to make people want to work with you. To choose YOU over the person with the well-though-out colour scheme and pretty font combination.

They'll choose YOU because you make them laugh, you make them weep - and they resonate with YOU and your story and the way you write straight to their heart.

At the same time - by revealing your INNER CRAZY (i.e., your ACTUAL personality!) - you get to REPEL the WRONG CLIENTS

I mean, how fucking awesome is that?

Simply by being YOU - the people who think you're a total ARSE 😁 are going to steer well clear which is going to mean you have fewer of those "I don't think we're a great fit" conversations - or even worse - the ick of having to let a paying client go because they're sucking the soul out of you!

The best way to truly let your personality SHINE is through marketing directly TO them using YOUR words coming from your HEART and SOUL - because if it's coming straight FROM you - how could it EVER be wrong?

With 89% of marketers viewing Email  as a PRIORITY CHANNEL you need to get on board with sending newsletters to your list.

The list YOU control 100%.

No algorithms. 

No Scroll of Doom [tm].

Just you - direct in their inbox. 

Because when you're writing from the heart DIRECTLY to your client then you get to write to a FRIEND. It's honest, it's genuine and AUTHENTIC - and it's you truly BEING you - because you're not scrambling to get eyeballs amongst a noisy feed. 

Just you. Your words. Your voice. Your message. With all of that combined - it's definitely:


Because it's 


it's a fucking sales engine!

Learn how to ENJOY writing emails… even if your subscribers have forgotten who you are and KNOW that you can have SALES in just 20 minutes!

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Alex is an expert strategist with a flair for expressive writing which connects with her audience and evokes emotion.

She believes in the power of harnessing the written word and using it to demonstrate expertise, confidence and clarity when marketing online businesses.

She's anti-BS, anti-fluff and embraces grown-assed methodology for growing an online business with authentic Sales & Marketing strategies.

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