You Have 1000 Stories – Become a Content Maven

Remember when we were younger and we did all the crazy shit?

My office put me "on call" for a few days... phone didn't ring. Never rang when I was on call. So I dyed my hair purple and jumped on a fast train to Amsterdam. The next few days were a blur... 🤭

On the train from Amsterdam back to Brussels I got a call from the office... get my arse into the office NOW! Ooops!

But then living by the rules has never really been my forte... or yours!

Your sister is married to the man she met when she was 16 and your best friend loves her job as a clerk at the insurance company and would never, ever, EVER book a one-way ticket to Rome just because she once had a fleeting conversation with someone about how beautiful Tuscany is this time of year.

You are treading your own path and I know you’re the sort of woman who takes the rules with a pinch of salt anyway… until it comes to someone else’s opinion... and then you find yourself questioning your direction. Your instinct. That pull.

--But, unless they’re putting food on your table they can butt out!

You are the woman whose life is littered with warm, funny, jaw-dropping stories and adventures cast far and wide – who didn’t get tamed by marriage and kids – even though there were times when that old life felt as though it belonged to another woman.

So here's your reminder:

You are still the Badass you always were. Keep on being that lone wolf. You OWE her!

Stop hiding and start USING all that wealth of experience and those funny anecdotes to weave personality into your content marketing.

You have 1000 stories inside of you DYING to be set FREE and help others.

You can become a CONTENT MAVEN because you're a fucking GENIUS when it comes to having lived a FUN, FULL and EXCITING life.

Leave the boring STEPFORD BUSINESS BITCHES for dust with their dull, unimaginative and 'samey, boring old shite' - you have YOU - brilliant YOU!

Letting your PERSONALITY shine through through putting your content out there - your personality, your life, your stories - is EXACTLY how you're going to grow your audience - and in turn your business and its success.

Grab your favourite pen... or, if they kids have swiped that and stuffed it in a school bag - find ANY pen and grab some paper. Write down TWENTY things you could write about to share YOU. They don't have to be specifically related to your business - you things about YOU, your perspective and your experiences.

This is how you'll build your content and show your audience a slice of the REAL YOU - also by writing this list - and repeating the exercise regularly, you'll grow in confidence in finding things to create content about and you'll soon find yourself in the position of being able to create content on demand.


ROCK-SOLID SALES MACHINE and Put on Your Big Girl Pants!

If your niche and marketing message  aren't super-clear and hitting that sweet spot, then you'll be hearing crickets - not cash-registers

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