When Your ICA is a “Ride or Die” Badass

Defining your ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) is a crucial step in marketing to your clients. But... it's a stupid damned rabbit-hole where you give her a name, an age, where she shops, what she eats for dinner on a Friday night and where she buys her 8 year old's clothes.

Sounds fucking TAME... and lame right

So when it comes to defining my ICA, things are more flexible. I connect with a FEELING - a BEING - the LIVES of those who resonate with me... not some shite about where they buy their Christmas decorations and go on holiday.

I respect that my clients are different - that we all live life our own way - in fact - the beauty of my audience is that they are TRUE TO THEMSELVES - they are not some fucking cardboard cut-out of a woman. They are unique - and the fucking know it!

From the woman who hikes in a ball-gown to the one who only leaves her house to buy more coffee - the things they ALL have in common are: 

  • They're rule-breakers, fearless, fierce and feisty.
  • They involuntarily snarl and twitch when they read the words: manifest, abundance, destiny and passion.
  • They feel the word empowered is a powerful one... to mean arming with strength those previously disadvantaged - and not to be confused with "stepping into your zone of kombucha-creation".(Kombucha is a type of tea made from twigs, top-soil and turmeric as far as I can ascertain.)
  • The women who swear - not because they are crass, but because they know a well-timed and well-executed swear word can beautifully frame a thought or story.
  • The ones who are done, done and done with the levels of shit they see all around them - and are embracing their Lone Wolf style and ripping off that mask of 'nice' - you know, that one women are supposed to wear to be/do 'nice'.
  • The ones whose lives were not 'complete' or 'fulfilled' with a growing uterus - but just entering another stage.
  • The ones who fear they might not have time to do everything they want to do with their lives.
  • The ones for whom it's theoretically possible for them to move into politics because nobody had camera phones in the 90s... 😁
  • The ones who booked a one-way flight because travel was an itch they needed to scratch.
  • The ones who leave me open-jawed torn between horror and hilarity as they tell (yet another!) deliciously decadent story of a well-spent youth!

If this resonates with you - then go check out The Badass Manifesto - 10 Commandments for living your Badass Life.

Knowing the TYPE of person your ICA is means that you can communicate (i.e., market!) to them because you TRULY understand them - and know what they stand FOR - because you know what YOU stand for!

When you've designed an 'abstract ICA' then you're always going to feel like you're pushing uphill because it won't feel natural to connect to them - because you just threw together a few demographics on a page and called it an ICA.

Note, none of my ICA characteristics are defined by age, geography, marital status, whatever - just an attitude.


Because it's 


it's a fucking sales engine!

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