Of COURSE There’s a Formula to Run a SUCCESSFUL Online Business

Sure! It's easy to be successful online... but Pssst! There's no damned secret formula/framework/blueprint or magic-unicorn-shit method of doing it... except... maybe there is! 

First of all - you are NEVER going to achieve massive success if you do the same as every other brain-dead fucker out there.

Take 100 random female entrepreneurs you stumble across on Facebook or Google and you will have your tits bored right off your body!

Same fonts.

Same colour schemes.

Same straplines.

Same types of photos.

Same vague shit.

Same vague claims.


Same boring fucking template emails and funnels.




Who the FUCK are they? 


And that's what happens when you try and follow an EXACT formula for success.

Because psssst! I'm probably not supposed to share this with you - but fuck it, I'm an over-sharer and I'm all about the truth - warts and all! 

There are many, many, MANY in the "7-figure club" who absolutely OWNED one solitary product launch and it was fucking amazing. Hitting buttons left, right and centre with enthusiastic, excited and happy buyers.

And they thought they'd cracked it... they started looking at the easiest way to make the next $ rather than fuelling their programs with passion about the message they REALLY wanted to get out.

And those follow-ups? They bombed. BIG TIME.

That's a dirty little secret about the "7-figure club" right there. One great launch does not automatically mean you've nailed it forevah

Whilst there are those who've had success and have detailed and documented every single step they took - and that sure as shit cuts out a lot of wasted time for you... EVERY SINGLE DAMNED ACTION you take needs to be viewed through YOUR LENS and you need to CHOOSE whether it is ALIGNED to you or not.

So yeh, formulas absolutely CAN help because they can help pull in all those strands of confusion & chaos and help put things in order - BUT - blindly following a strategy which isn't YOURS and isn't in ALIGNMENT with YOU is sooner or later going to bite you on the ass. Even when you're up there on stage clutching your trophy wondering how the fuck you got there when all you did was "follow the leader".

If you don't want to be a BASIC STEPFORD BUSINESS BITCH then you are going to need to do WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU LIKE and STOP sitting around waiting for approval from all the other BASIC STEPFORD BUSINESS BITCHES! 

Starting today.

Today is the day you put YOUR MESSAGE out there.




Doesn't matter. 

Or... you can spend the rest of the day networking with those STEPFORD BITCHES and slowly wait to die... crushed by the weight of your own ennui.

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Alex is an expert strategist with a flair for expressive writing which connects with her audience and evokes emotion.

She believes in the power of harnessing the written word and using it to demonstrate expertise, confidence and clarity when marketing online businesses.

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