What if Your WHY is Just “I Don’t F*cking Think So!”?

Let me tell you something about the online business world that nobody’s talking about.

There's lots of pressure on:

“What is your why?” 

Nobody has a fucking clue at first - they’re all winging it at first - especially when it comes to that one question you’re all supposed to know the answer to but secretly squirm with discomfort.

At some point if put on the spot you’ll spout something about world peace, donkey sanctuaries and start channelling your inner Miss World circa 1979 contestant. 


You’ll say what you THINK is acceptable and expected.


Trouble is - nobody’s got a clue. They think they’re supposed to say they want to “drive change”, “alleviate poverty” or “empower women from the Upper East Side”! 

But right at the beginning it’s much more of :


i) I can’t stand my boss - he’s an absolute dick and if I have to listen to him ONE more time lecture me about lactation I’m going to throttle the mansplaining git.




ii) Christ I need to raise cash!


I sometimes wonder if these questions are asked so the asker can put you on the back foot and you’ll be forever grateful and umbled for their help. (Think Downtown Abbey and servants and tradesmen not making eye contact with the wonderful Lady Mary).

They’re often the people who say they knew their why right away and it was really profound.




(Isn’t the English language wonderful!?)


They’re like the people who declare aged 6¼ that when they grow up they’re going to become a veterinarian and work with snakes in Venezuela - then you stalk them on Facebook 25 years later… and they’re in Venezuela working with snakes.


I mean seriously, who does that? What sort of a sociopath maps out their life like that at an age they should be in the garden eating worms instead?

Truth is, most of us are just winging it through life in general - I mean I sure as hell didn’t plan to be a single mom with touch-and-go health and recurring dental problems. I mean seriously, what’s that all about? 


Sometimes it’s easier to come back to LOVE once you’ve figured out the hate. 


I finally figured it out after I’d cycled through all the normal stuff - you know, world peace, donkeys, cash, lotsa cash… 


Single moms are the most financially vulnerable group in Western society and they and their children are the most likely to be living below the poverty line.


And that makes me really fucking angry. Because we didn’t plan from the aforementioned aged 6¼ that we were going to choose to have to juggle space-time continuum just to be able to keep on working out of the home - or spend the lion’s share of our salary on childcare - or run on caffeine + snacks found inside our handbags that we open with one hand because the other’s on the steering wheel…

Life smacked us in the chops hard enough as it is - then we got hit in the pocket.

And the angry feminist inside of me got the RAGE because I got tired of being 'put in my box' and treated like a second-class citizen simply because I'm not a man.

I got sick of not being able to express myself MY way, to live life on MY terms but instead buckling under the pressure of feeling like I had to perform like a fucking sea-lion!

Fuck NO! Not on my watch!

And that’s where my WHY comes from.


I say - FUCK NO! to that ! 

That realisation is what drives me today - but that doesn’t mean I was unable to progress before I got angry - and who knows? My “why” could have been something as equally mild - so everyone’s “why” is going to be different - and it’s going to change anyway as your business changes - and as your personal life evolves.


Forget business for a moment - what’s your "FUCK NO - I DON’T FUCKING THINK SO!"?



Comment below and tell me your "FUCK NO" and make me laugh/angry on your behalf. 👊


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