Failure is Guaranteed – the Truth About Online Business

If there's one thing we can be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN of in the world of Online Business and Entrepreneurship... it's that FAILURE IS GUARANTEED.

And it fucking sucks. But it's true. Everyone fails. From the beginner to the waaaaay experienced (c.f., Richard Branson and his brand "Virgin Brides").

Swipe away those stories of people landing 10k months within days of launching their online endeavours - THAT didn't happen - or, in the seldom case it did actually happen - it didn't happen without a team of happy helpers and a healthy advertising budget to back it all up.

You're going to launch. And you're going to fail.

And the difference between those who 'make it' and those who don't - and don't forget, most businesses fail in the first 12 months - is that those who 'make it' don't give up.

One shitty launch/month/program did NOT send them scurrying back to the "wanted" ads.

They keep going. Pivot what they're doing a little. *Pivots should be 15 degrees - not a full 180, throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping that it sticks. Pivots are about small, incremental shifts as you hone your art and skills.

But if you throw in the towel after 6 weeks of action and think "well that didn't fucking work, what's the point?" and you try a completely new tactic - then things are never going to turnaround - and they're never going to get better.

It's about COMMITMENT.

Keeping on going even when it seems like you're not getting traction - because I PROMISE you - if you keep ON taking action, then you WILL get traction and you WILL grow your audience - with the RIGHT people - and you WILL be a success.

But you have to CHOOSE to commit - because it's not easy to keep going when you've fucked up. Well... you probably didn't fuck up as such - as simply taking the wrong path for you - or it just being a 'numbers game' and you didn't have the numbers... last time!

You have to choose to keep going - when everyone else is giving up.

But you know what? I think you'll do that anyway - because your life didn't lead you to this point so that you could go back to the kitchen sink, the dead-end, mind-numbing 9-5 and spend your Sunday evenings ironing and bulk-preparing lunches for your family and mentally preparing for a visit to the mother-in-law next weekend.

There's got to be more to life - and THAT's when you know you've cracked it - the mindset of success - when you KEEP GOING because you have NO OTHER OPTION.

There is NO backing down.

No turning away.

This is YOU and YOUR MESSAGE and you're going to keep sharing it until the day you fucking die.

Or... choose to give up and die. 


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