The December Curse of the Online Entrepreneur

hey! Why don't you just take your foot off the gas and call this year done and dusted?

I mean it's been a hard year right? Especially after last year too. Surely you deserve to slack off, wrap things up and mark your accounts as done - maybe make a trickle of a sale for the rest of the year... but you've worked HARD and you deserve to kick back.

Well sure, that's certainly one way to look at things. The way of looking at things if you're actually a bit of a loser and you're backing off actually OWNING your business because you know it's not right and it's easier to tell yourself that you're having some down-time because you're being a lazy arse who's avoiding the truth...

Sounds harsh right? Oh believe me, I know.

Because that was ME!

I was the woman who totally took her foot off the gas in December.

Told myself "nobody will buy this time of year".

"I deserve some rest".

"I can pick it up again in January".

'Course I'd get back to my desk in January and my enthusiasm and focus were just about zero - because I'd literally downed tools without actually really thinking (caring???) about what came next. 

Because my business wasn't focused and I didn't have clarity - it was far easier to tell myself that it was time to quit... because then I didn't have to think about it for a few weeks and I could just tell myself it had been a hard year for sales - rather than look at the real problem; me and my focus!

But this is what you need to know:

People who succeed don't just down tools with some lame-arsed excuse they've garnered from looking at the wall-calendar and grabbing at a reason.

Slacking off this time of the year is the fast-track to actually doing the sum of fuck all the first 3 weeks of January too.

When you stop working abruptly - although you've probably told yourself you haven't - you lose all sense of momentum. All your routines go to pot. Your brain switches off and your creativity dies.

Now I'm not saying you've got to work all the way through the holidays - absolutely not. You NEED some down time - everyone needs time to recharge their batteries.

What you do NOT do is throw in the towel already because you're being too fucking lazy to actually get that shit done, keep on marketing, keep on selling and plan out 2022.

Holidays need to be planned for your business. In the same way you plan an actual holiday away by booking flights, hotels, the dog in to kennels, airport parking, grocery deliveries, travel meds, clothes and everything else (good books on the kindle!) - you need to plan your time off in the same way.

You need to clear your damned desk.

That means:

  • Crossing all those niggly little things off the list that you don't want to carry through to 2022 because they've been sat on the list all damned year and although you've never made them a priority - you know damned well that they would help automate, smooth & shift the needle with what you're doing.
  • Figure out what the fuck you're doing next time you log on with intent so that you don't spend a month fiddling around the edges and shuffling your paperwork - or, in modern times - scrolling through fucking social media! 
  • There are still 2 full weeks before you can reasonably shut down for the holidays. Are you seriously done earning for this year? Why didn't you quit earning in April? What's the difference? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

That's time to plan a course.

It's time to schedule newsletters all the way out through the end of January.

It's time to run a flash sale.

It's time to ramp up and automate your marketing efforts.

There are so many things you could be doing to propel your business forward rather than stuffing another mince pie into your face and telling yourself "next year will be different".

You're either doing this - or you're not. 

Your choice.

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