Your Soul Clients Are the Ones Who Laugh AT You!

By Alex

December 8, 2021

Yesterday during a live coaching call for Fuck the Hustle - Blog & Grow With Flow - my clients laughed at me.

Seriously! Straight up laughed AT me and didn't hide themselves doing it. I could see the mirth on their faces and hear their howls of derision.

The weather is particularly bad right now on my wee little island (cut off from the mainland as ferries are cancelled) and despite pairing my phone with my Macbook - the network connection didn't want to play ball!

I could see them on my screen laughing and as I scrambled around the room checking my connection and the kids later told me they'd heard me wailing "oh crap, oh no, what's happening".

I could hear them howling with laughter and asking whether I'd been heavy on the whisky πŸ₯ƒ and was I drunk? as apparently it sounded like I was slurring my words.

Female Entrepreneurship 101

Newbies in the online space will be told to design their ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) and that means they trot off and draw up a list saying their perfect client is called Kelly, she's married to Dave, they live in Idaho, she shops at Costco, has a cat named Sam, reads Maeve Binchy and eats food that hits the kitchen floor and falls foul of the "5-second rule".

The newbie will spend weeks going back and forward about this, procrastinating, doubting and second-guessing herself.


Seriously - it really annoys me that such utter horse-shit abounds.  It's just a game of procrastination and putting off taking action by filling in dumb-assed workbooks which don't provide value.

*Did you know the German word for horse-shit is "apfel-pferden"  (translates as horse-apples)- isn't that a marvellous word? 😁

The Real Soul Clients

As you move away from "Female Entrepreneurship 101" and move to a more sophisticated and mature marketing methodology - you unearth what it really means when you talk of your finding your "soul client".

Ah. Yes. My clients from last night.

The ones who laugh at your misfortune instead of getting angry or annoyed.

That instead of simply being "clients who'd paid for my time" they knew me, resonated with me and were able to laugh disaster in the face.

*Not entirely sure a dodgy Zoom connection is officially classified as a disaster...

The point I'm trying to make is that when you call in your SOUL CLIENTS, they are the ones who REALLY get you and understand where you're coming from.

When they tell YOU to "just go and have another drink and upload it tomorrow" that they're not steeped in malice or fury - but instead see the humour in the situation. 

Who is Your ICA?

I'm a firm believer that your ICA is a former iteration of you. You truly understand your niche because you've lived it - and you've tackled whatever you needed to tackle to come through the other side and so are bursting with knowledge and experience around your given topic.

And... because they ARE you - they fully "get" you and you don't feel like you're playing a part or serving them simply because they paid.

They become allies, not clients - and THAT's the magic surrounding calling in the clients you really want to work with.

The ones who tell you to log off and go get a whisky.

Reader: I did! 😁πŸ₯ƒ ... and my ego doesn't feel as bruised as it might've.

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