Blog & Grow With Flow Unleash Your Creativity & Dominate Your Niche

Organic isn't just for quinoa 😁 - it's for the GROWTH of your brand and a MAJOR marketing channel... oh, and did I mention? You get to be a creative fucking goddess and be the LEADER you were born to be! 



Social Media marketing is enough to make any thinking woman vomit into her shoes - it's time to STOP GATHERING and START LEADING.

The boring PITCH FEST seen over and over on Social Media has GOT to end. Ads are fucked and are no longer to be treated as a cash-machine. To "win" the marketing game, you've got to grow your ORGANIC reach using your OWN CONTENT on your OWN PLATFORM - and that means BLOGGING

I built my client base with ads for a low-cost offer - and for every dollar I spent on ads, I made multiples back in revenue.

But what goes up, must come down - the digital marketing landscape has changed and ads aren't producing the returns they were - in fact, many are experiencing NEGATIVE returns! 😲

People are becoming increasingly savvy with regards to their own privacy online - and, after 18+ months of "crazy times" are being a LOT more discerning about how they spend their time.

They don't want to see ads in their feed - and they don't want to be "insincerely sold to" CONSTANTLY in low-value, low-vibe, boring pitch-fest filled Social Media channels.

They want in, swipe the information they NEED, build connections that MATTER - and they want out again - to IMPLEMENT and? To enjoy their own fucking lives and not the Endless Scroll of Doom [tm]!

Instead of taking your offers to THEM - the time has come to bring your clients to YOU - and for you to UNLEASH your CREATIVITY and AUTHORITY - even if right now as you're reading this - you don't think you've got anything to say!

Master 2022 and Blog & Grow With Flow

FUCK THE HUSTLE is a 6-week coaching program to propel you into leadership, content creation and into a position of unwavering authority.

It's designed for CREATORS, ONLINE COACHES and COURSE PROVIDERS who are NOT beginners in the online marketing space - and who are ready to put the "pedal to the metal" in terms of growth - without relying on SOMEBODY ELSE'S platform! 

NEXT ROUND APRIL 2022 - regular price $997 (Ethical Payment Option Available πŸ₯ƒ)

Here’s What You’ll Get From FUCK THE HUSTLE

We start XX APRIL with your first week's course materials.

Each week we'll have a LIVE COACHING CALL, a co-working session where you actually DO THE FUCKING WORK - no excuses and no distractions! 😁 And... we'll also have weekly "office hours" so you can pick my brains further to master your new Blogging skills. 


You're going to make the Search Engines sit up and take notice of YOU - and YOUR work.

We'll wrap this up before the Christmas Holidays so you can hit 2022 with an ANTI-HUSTLE STRATEGY guaranteed to elevate your business above the noise.

No more "spray and pray" in Facebook groups hopin' & prayin' someone wants your work. (Hopin' & prayin' is a shit business strategy!).

loud, proud & unrestrained

You'll master your own voice - not someone else's dull, dusty script -  and unleash YOUR creativity.

Y'know... the stuff you WISH you could say if you didn't want to piss people off and so you curb what you REALLY want to say and remain the "voice of Neutral Switzerland". 😁

You'll become magnetic to the clients who REALLY get you - and turning them into SUPERFANS.

thought leadership

With trailblazing innovation you'll leave your competitors for dust with your innovative messaging and your customers will see the REALITY of working with an FIREBRAND LEADER.

It's time to step in to WHO YOU REALLY ARE and not remain a drowned-out voice in a sea of mediocrity.

About Alex Sheach

Alex is an expert strategist with a flair for expressive writing which connects with her audience and evokes emotion.

She believes in the power of harnessing the written word and using it to demonstrate expertise, confidence and clarity when marketing online businesses.

She's anti-BS, anti-fluff and embraces grown-assed methodology for growing an online business with authentic Sales & Marketing strategies.

Nae drama!

Course Modules

How it's going to go down...


Week 1: Solid Foundations

You wouldn't build your house without laying the concrete even though you'd rather be flicking through the pages of "Homes & Gardens" and picking out your wallpaper and giraffe statue which would look good over the mantelpiece!



Week 2: Art of Story-Telling

Marketing from the heart and why it's ESSENTIAL for talking to clients who can't wait to hear from you...and buy from you and work with you!

... and why you can't be ANYTHING less than who you are destined to be.


Week 3: 30 Days of Content in Advance

How to have a never-ending stream of Blog ideas come flying out of you - because I KNOW the biggest stumbling block for nearly every woman I've worked with over the years... is "I don't know what to write" - and THAT is why they end up in the pitch-fest of Social Media because they think it's easier. Clue? It's not - in Week 3 you're going to learn how to become a CONTENT IDEAS MACHINE and never run out of ideas again!


Week 4: YOU are the Queen of Content Creation

Learn how to create quality blogs in a short time (we're gonna say 30 minutes. Tops!) and systemise your content creation so that your marketing is NEVER again put off until "next week"!


Week 5: The Lazy Guide to Maximum Impact

Leveraging your written content, we're going to maximise your strategy and reach... without the fucking hustle!

It's the lazy bitch way to greatness! πŸ˜‚


Week 6: Stepping into True Leadership

This week is the big one. Like your thesis at college - and it's going to make YOU in 2022!


Your SECRET WEAPON to Blog Creation!


Hmmmn.... so in addition to our weekly coaching sessions and co-working sessions, there will also be an opportunity to pick my brains during OFFICE HOURS.

Oh... did I mention my extensive history in Software and that I designed my first website in 1995? I've got you - even if you HATE tech and really think you can't.

I'm a techie whiz (Software Engineering degree and background) and I often forget that other people struggle with tech. 

So I'm going to be here for you every week during dedicated office hours to walk you through any technical problem you're having with your blog so that you don't get beaten by a damned machine! 😁


Juicy Course Bonuses

The time for fluff is over. It's time to foster genuine connections and community with other like-minded leaders compelled to succeed - and I want you to be at the centre of that!

Bonus 01

Lifetime access to a genuinely exclusive community (yep! no more FB crap!) to network and support with other leaders.

Bonus 02

Workbooks & cheat sheets - but ONLY where these give you value. No empty fucking workbooks just for the sake of dishing out workbooks!

Bonus 03

Co-working sessions where you focus solely on what you NEED to do - but with the added benefit of community and accountability.

What makes me different

Hand on heart, I fucking HATE Social Media.

Like everyone else, I got sucked in about 10+ years ago and it would make me puke if I were to be told just how many hours I'd spent wasting there.

Trying to run my business on Social Media made me unhappy. 

All I saw were G-d-awful poorly disguised pitch fests and "low-level" networking by unqualified newbies.

I tried so hard to embrace it all - but it just wasn't me.


I ran a NOISE AUDIT and stepped back and stepped into the life I WANTED TO LIVE and not one driven by algorithms and other people's noise.

I read books - real paper ones

I listen to CDs in the car from start to finish immersed in the work of my chosen artist and not at the mercy of what Spotify thinks I want to listen to next.

I read blogs. Good ones. Not shit ones filled with ads and repeated keywords trying to woo Google... but fuck readability for me right!? πŸ˜‚

I use forums where I can dive in to EXACTLY what I need to know about - without the distraction of watching a cat fall off a shelf, an alligator as wide as a creek or "20 funny things kids say"!

I am very INTENTIONAL where I spend my time online... and yet, by doing this? My audience has not only grown - but has grown with the RIGHT people.

The ones who say they love what I write, love the sass, the salt and the transparency.

So in essence? A BETTER life, better BUSINESS and all with anti-hustle laziness! 

Relying on Social Media to market your business is soooo 2021!

BLOGGING is the fundamental KEY for online growth in 2022 - but more IMPORTANTLY - it's your key to UNLOCKING your voice and allowing your FRESH, SASSY, DAUNTLESS message to stand out and attract the audience you DESERVE!

This EVERGREEN and ORGANIC strategy allows your business to grow month on month, year on year - and not just disappear after 34 seconds to the bottom of someone's feed!

Fuck the hustle - blog & grow with flow

Scaling growth for 2022


  • 6-Week Coaching to Master Your Content Strategy
  • Co-Working to GET SHIT DONE!
  • Office Hours - "Pick a techie's brain"!
  • Lifetime Access to Exclusive Community
  • Access to All Modules
  • Regular price $997 - Ethical Payment Option Available! πŸ₯ƒ


What do i need to get started?

You need your own self-hosted WordPress website - or at least be willing to get this up and running before the course starts. WordPress is the "gold standard" of website design and SEO-worthiness (!) and you'll be doing yourself a massive disservice if you opt for something else. Consider yourself warned! 😁

How much time is it going to take me? 

This is going to become one of your primary marketing channels. That means, it's not a 30 seconds when you can be arsed fix! You need to commit to blogging regularly - and I'm actually going to go all-out here and say you need to aim to blog DAILY! 

However, it should not take you more than 25 minutes to write and publish a blog.

My Personal Note

I'm on a mission to burn this fucking ship down!

It's time to shake up the low-level internet marketing we've seen develop over the last 5-10 years and allow the cream to rise to the top!

Mmmmn, coffee with cream!