What if Nobody Reads Your Blog?

A huge barrier many female entrepreneurs face when they consider their options around writing a blog... is that they're scared nobody will read it. 

That they'll put their thoughts, their dreams, their desires, their ideas, their strategies and mechanisms out there in the big, bad world - and nobody will read it except some computer in a basement over at Google HQ. πŸ˜‰

... and they'll dissolve into floods of ugly tears, runny mascara, 3-day old pyjamas and then? If they're really being cruel to themselves they'll delete it. Pretend it never happened. Pretend they never put their creativity out there for the whole world to see.

But I can assure you. Your blog WILL be read. 

Lurkers are buyers - they do their due diligence

They reckon that for every one participant in anything online, there are at least 19 lurkers. 19 people reading everything, thinking about things quietly and without drama behind the scenes.

And actually... THOSE are the clients you want.

The ones evaluating what you write, evaluating YOU - and doing their due diligence before diving in and choosing to work with you.

Because for higher-ticket items you don't actually want people leaping in without considering their options. They need to choose you because they're 100% sure that YOU are the one who can deliver what they need.

Not Mathilde who's $200 less. Or Sarah who's $500 more.

But you because of you - and less about the price. Because price is never the deciding factor in the hiring process.

It might seem that twiddling with the price and spending hours of heartache wondering about the "perfect number" will be the solution - but it's really not. People buy when they are invested in YOU personally - and that's why blogging is SO important and why it's a non-negotiable marketing activity.

Inbound leads (that means people who come to you not you chasing them all over the internet or cold-calling) have never been more important. Blogging allows you to "fight back" against the noise and blether of social media and create something which lasts, something which is evergreen and something which really shows you - not just 2 paragraphs of quickly disappearing SM scramble for attention amongst all the other same ol', same ol'.

Once you've gone ahead and hit publish, the trick is not to sit and wait for the accolades, applause, champagne and tickets to the gallery opening... but to plan out the next blog. And the next. And the next.

Nothing is going to build your audience like the momentum of keeping on creating, keeping on bring your message to the world where ANYONE can access it - not just those who subscribe to any given social channel - but anyone, ANYONE at all who's online.

Of course you're not marketing to "everyone and anyone" - but your blog is the cornerstone of your online offerings and it's where your customers can get to know you... in their own time - and some would say, their BEST time. 

Your tracking analytics will tell you who's visiting your blog, how many and where they're from, what they're reading when they arrive and so forth. 

Your job is to create - NOT stress about metrics and as the great Taylor Swift said - haters gonna hate - so we don't waste time worrying about THEM!

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