Copywriting is NOT the Same Beast as Content Creation

By Alex

December 6, 2021

There is a common confusion between these 2 concepts and they're frequently conflated with each other - so let me help you break this down into very easy-to-understand categories, so you know what you're providing.

Copywriting is...

These are your WORDS WHICH SELL... and is in essence SELLING.

Th description of the beautiful 100% cashmere jumper you're eyeing up on a luxury shopping site - tells you about the super-soft feel, the warmth, the sustainability and paints a picture for you of how wonderful you'll feel when you're wearing this jumper.

It takes you to that place where you're wearing the jumper and you're feeling fucking fabulous and if you don't whip out that creditcard RIGHT NOW - or at least bookmark the page and visit weekly trying to justify the cost 😁.

Or, if you're an online service provider - then it's your sales page to your course or program where you get to really paint the picture of how what you're doing or helping with is going to improve the life of the person who buys your course.

Its purpose is to lead your customer to the BUY NOW BUTTON with confidence they're making the right decision.

It's not really there to educate - at this point the customer is already on the buying journey - i.e., they know at some level they want this because otherwise they wouldn't be looking - I mean who watches the shopping channel just for fun? Probably best you don't answer that because I know some people would! πŸ˜‚

But at this point, the purpose of your copywriting is to persuade, to influence and convince your potential customers to become paying customers.

And always of course without the sleazy unethical bastard crap which we're eschewing!

Writing a Sales Page is not something you can knock out in 30 minutes. You need to carefully consider the words you use, how you put them together and it will likely take many goes, sleeping on it, tweaking a word or sentence or two... and always improving as your copywriting skills improve.


Content Creation is...

You providing value by explaining the concepts within your industry or brand so that potential customers get to know you.

It's your blogging, your vlogging, your newsletters and all the other marketing activities which you're doing to promote your brand - but don't strictly come under the umbrella of selling.

This blog for example (and all the others on this site) is an example of "Content Creation". I'm here writing blogs which help explain concepts within my industry or provide value in terms of motivational tips & advice.

It's about education and learning as opposed to strictly "buy my shit".

Looking at the gorgeous cashmere jumper for example, content creation might run along the lines of ethically-sourced cashmere, the story of the Goat of the Month (! 😁), how to prevent moth damage, etc., etc. It's not just "buy the jumper or you'll regret it". 

Content creation allows for a more expressive style of writing and you can really let loose here with your Blog Creation and enjoy writing for the sake of writing knowing that it will appeal to the RIGHT audience.

You won't wake up the next day thinking "oh fuck, I could've worded that better" or "Holy cow, how did I not spot that spelling error?". Well, maybe you will - but for content creation it really isn't as important to have everything 100% "correct" as the tone should be entirely more conversational anyway.

Just because my brain writes fast and my fingers type at 90wpm - doesn't mean the keyboard won't have a wobbly and decide it doesn't want to play fair with the D key! 

Content Creation in the form of Blogging should be fun - ESPECIALLY if you're a service-provider because it really allows you to connect with your audience and let them see you for you - to see the way your mind works and it allows them to do their due diligence ON you... before becoming a customer.

This pays dividends in the long run, because any client doing their due diligence before buying from you is FAR more likely to complete the program and do well from it - so it really does pay for you to embrace the concept of content creation - and if you choose to do it on a platform which has evergreen capabilities - then you're going to do very well in the long-term as your content creation pays off in years to come - rather than 20 minutes to come!


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