WORKATHON Q1 2022 - Get Shit Done!

Saturday 19th March

I ask for a $19 micro-payment so you COMMIT to showing the fuck up! 😁🥃


Date & time :

19 March 2022

09.30  AM London Time 


You missed out!

What you’ll achieve in this workathon:

If you're racing towards the end of Q1 2022 with a To-Do list as long as your arm - this is your opportunity to "fix this shit" with a dedicated ACCOUNTABILITY SESSION!

For 6 hours - we're going to work together in a co-working session so you can cross all those niggly little jobs off your list and release that mental load so you can move into Q2 2022 with momentum & clarity.

It's going to be super-casual, so rock up in your pyjamas clutching your coffee, your breakfast, your lunch, your family-size pack of donuts, 3 tacos, a margarita and a napkin, your pile of "shit to do" and be prepared to work like a demon! 

Tame the Post-It Pile of Shame [tm]

I know what it's like. I too own the Post-it Pile of Shame [tm], planners (oh so many planners! 😁), scraps of paper and a To-Do list that just won't quit!

Clean Desk Policy

I want to ask YOU - are you planning to carry this list through to Q2 - or would you rather just work the fuck through the bastard thing so you can PROPERLY shift the needle in Q2?

Micro Payment ($19)

I'm asking for a micro-payment from you so that you commit to yourself to SHOW THE FUCK UP!

As a special treat you'll likely get to see me spill my soup down my top because even at 48 years old I'm incapable of eating my lunch without ending up wearing it!

Your workathon Host:

Alex Sheach

Alex is on a mission to help the women who are tired of other people’s shit.

The women who danced on bars and booked one-way flights.

The women whose lives were shaped by chance encounters and adventures.

The women whose lights have never been dimmed.

She works with ambitious, witty, no-nonsense women who are tired of living by the fucking rules and are sick to the back teeth of vague and ambiguous advice.

She's blessed with an expert eye for a profitable niche and with 15 years in international technical project management and 8 years entrepreneurial experience she's perfectly positioned to help and support you market that online business... without the drama!

Places on the live workathon are limited!

Reserve your seat now and join us live for the workathon and wrap up Q2 2022 like you mean it.

Just $19 to show your commitment.