Your Job is to Create Cash

By Alex

June 9, 2021

It doesn't really matter what your title is on your website, what your accountant and tax-man call you - or how you help your clients.

You have only ONE job.

You're here to CREATE CASH.

Otherwise it's just a hobby. I mean sure as hell, there are worse hobbies to have. I mean you get to pick your own hours, you can write, fanny about on Canva or "network" all day on Facebook. But unless you've got revenue, then it's all a bit pointless - although probably highly enjoyable - I mean isn't that why we're all here? 

Your priority each and every day is to DO your CASH CREATING jobs.

Before you start on the fun stuff - I mean I love tinkering with my website, but that is NOT revenue-generating - it's self-satisfaction. But at least I acknowledge that, and stop myself falling down the rabbit-hole. *I schedule one evening a week for "idle tinkering" on my website - so I get to do what I love, but it comes hours and hours AFTER the revenue-generating activities!

You need to start strong EVERY day. 

Fuck reading your email for a moment.

Fuck loading up Facebook.

This is all just a distraction from what you need to get done first! 

Once the NEED jobs are finished, then prioritise by serving your CURRENT CLIENTS in order or priority - e.g., your 1:1/VIP clients get first dibs on you for the day - and then for example you'd look in on your free group last. 

So let's take a quick look at what you should be doing EVERY DAY to CREATE CASH:


  • BLOG/Social Media (YOUR posts!)/CTAs "put out there".
  • BIG PROJECT work ! (This is the stuff you want to implement in the future, but isn't making cash YET... but if you put this off until the perfect time, the perfect time will never come and you will never move on).
  • SALES ACTIVITIES: Newsletters asking for the sale, Sales posts in your SM channels, reaching out to previous clients you feel would be a good fit for your latest offer/upsell.
  • REVENUE TRACKING: Daily! You need to keep an eye on this to remind yourself exactly WHY you're doing this.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA Networking/follow-ups. This should not be confused with the Scroll of Doom[tm] which is a time-sucking, energy-vampire designed to lower your mood and deprive yourself of motivation! 😁
  • Extra Social Media post if you've got something new to share - there are no hard and fast rules about what you can share.
  • Sort out your fucking inbox!
  • Review the day.
  • Plan out tomorrow's top activities/projects.

It doesn't need to be hugely complicated - and it doesn't need to involve convoluted marketing & sales plans. 

It really is as simple as BUILD and SELL YOUR SHIT - ... and stop fucking fannying around on Social Media.

Every HIGH-PRIORITY task should be related to WHAT BRINGS ME TO THE MONEY THE FASTEST? Not... "what hits my joy buttons".

Running your own business isn't always fun, some days are pure shite and you know what? You just need to roll up your sleeves and get on with it. Because tomorrow is going to be better.

The best way to keep up the momentum of course - IS to actually be CREATING CASH - and that's going to mean actively ASKING for the SALE!

Ready to sell DAILY with your NEWSLETTER? NOT Another Fucking Newsletter! is a 30 Day self-study program designed to take you from "OMFG the last time I emailed my list was when we all used dial-up modems and now I don't know what to say!" πŸ˜‚ through to confidently writing and SELLING your services in just 30 days. 

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