How NOT to Run a SLEAZY Webinar Demanding SALES!

By Alex

June 8, 2021

Webinars or Online Workshops have long been a tool of Online Entrepreneurs to market their next product or course.

They usually operate in the form of you signing up for a FREE WEBINAR and then you get to sit through someone's excruciating dull (to you!) life story, epiphany and why they where they are today.

3 minutes of stuff you actually set aside an hour of your time to listen to.

Followed with a hard sales pitch to BUY THE SHIT.

There's a lot of FOMO going on with this stuff and they tend to go hand-in-hand with "the first 10 people who sign up live on this webinar NOW get a Capuchin monkey and a sailor hat" or something like that! πŸ˜‚

Now, I'm not against webinars/workshops at all - in fact, I'm building one out myself because I think they're immensely valuable tools in letting your audience get to know you, hear your voice and understand the way you work - and the fact you can't even drink a simple cup of coffee without spilling it down your boobs... just me? 😁

But there is a BETTER way - a way which doesn't involve being a SLEAZY git - so let's look in to that.

OK, first off. You don't need to spend 15-20 minutes detailing your life story. 

Your audience don't give a fuck. 


They've pencilled an hour into their diary to learn something to help THEM! 

You are supposed to be SERVING your audience - so if you want to spout off your life story, I'd suggest you stick your autobiography on Amazon and let people find it.

You can put a link in a welcome email to your "About Me" page and if people WANT to find out more about you - I'm going to assume you're dealing with adults - they are MORE than capable of hitting a link and reading a page you've written.

So... on to the meat and bones.

Don't hold back. This audience has given up their PRECIOUS TIME to watch you - so you'd damned well better deliver - because if you're not, then what the fuck are you trying to do? Annoy your potential customers?

Deliver what you promised you would deliver.

OK... I know you're thinking "well, what's the point of doing a webinar if I don't get to SELL MY SHIT?". 

And here's what you do. Absolutely fucking tell them that they can learn MORE with your PAID program/course/book/whatever - but that you're NOT going to send out a link to the sales page until AFTER the webinar.

You are NOT in the business of PERSUASION, promising Capuchin monkeys or asking people to make IMPULSE-BUYS they may later regret.

Tell your audience that you want them to be REALLY SURE they want to work with you - the RIGHT PEOPLE don't NEED you to sell with PRESSURE!

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