How Many People Should You Have on Your Online Course?

By Alex

June 7, 2021

When Online Entrepreneurs decide to run their first course, they are usually challenged to put a "goal number" of clients on a board somewhere and hit this goal of people enrolling by mad, crazy, stress-inducing, tear-wiping, high-velocity, unsustainable marketing and sales strategies!

Trouble is - this actually tends to hold people back from launching their course, learning, correcting course, growing in confidence and launching again.

But why? 

Well, if you write 100 in BIG LETTERS on that post-it and stick it on the wall next to your desk, then it's going to fill you with PRESSURE and FEAR to fill that course with HUGE NUMBERS - and you need to slow down a bit and actually ask yourself whether you WANT to work at that CAPACITY - and... truth be told? Are you actually READY to serve those 100 NEW CLIENTS on a course requiring your attention and input?

Chances are, you're not.

So why not cross a zero off of that post-it and instead feel happy in the knowledge that actually RIGHT NOW, you have the CAPACITY, ENERGY and MENTAL SPACE to serve 10 new clients with 100% heart and authenticity.

There's a huge difference there. 

As a newbie entering an arena and hoping you can hold your shit together to serve 100 people on a group course is frankly - just asking for trouble. Your nerves will be shot - and let's face it, whilst a glass of wine might still your nerves a little... it's not really a healthy or positive direction to be moving in.

It makes far more sense to push yourself (for sure!), but to also acknowledge your CAPACITY and what is going to work for you RIGHT NOW.

There is absolutely fuck all wrong with saying "well, I want 100 people on this group program when I re-launch in 6 months" - but perhaps today, 10 is going to serve you better.

Sure, it probably won't hit your financial goals and there will be those in the industry who think you're under-performing or low-achieving or not wanting success.

Bollocks to that! There's nothing better than a strong foundation which is going to set you up for LONG-TERM and SUSTAINABLE success.

"Be Kind" is thrown about with little thought as to what it actually means on the ground - but we tend to sure as shit, NOT be kind to OURSELVES!

So if you're launching your first group coaching program I want you to set a goal of just 10 people. 10 people whose lives you can transform because you know this is going to be EASY for you, that you'll be able to SHOW UP with your BEST ENERGY, truly make a DIFFERENCE... and you won't be stressed to fuck, barely sleeping and drowning in pressure.

It's going to be easier for you to mentally prepare for 10 people rather than worrying about filling 100 spaces. If you need to go "all out" on your sales and marketing to fill those 100 spots, then that's taking away from your energy and capacity to actually deliver your first course without the drama. 

By the time the course actually starts, you're going to be feeling totally burned out and fed up already.

But... if you've just got 10 spots to sell, you can do that easily and then put ALL your energy into delivering your BEST COURSE EVER and gaining that CLARITY, MOMENTUM and PURPOSE for your next venture.

Small ACTION in your business is WAY more powerful than big INACTION! #bulletproofstrategy #femaleentrepreneur

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