You Didn’t Quit – You Upgraded

By Alex

July 15, 2021

As women we're frequently too hard on ourselves. We berate ourselves for not being able to "have it all" (do it all!) and then we finally reach that point where we crack.

Where we find we've put the milk back in the cupboard - not the fridge.

We're crying at the sight of a duck and her ducklings crossing the road.

We spend 20 minutes up-turning the kitchen and rifling through the car looking for the BRAND NEW PRESCRIPTION SUNGLASSES WE BOUGHT LAST WEEK - that were... on the kitchen table all along! (True story!).

And when our INTUITION finally gives us the answer of what it is we need to quit/drop - we tell ourselves off for not being able to do everything. To not be this SUPERWOMAN who manages to spin all those plates and never let something drop.

Even though... your INTUITION is ALWAYS right!

Let me say that again - your INTUITION is ALWAYS right!

Your intuition is leading you to the place it knows you NEED to be. The place where your SOUL is fuelled. The place where it makes sense for you RIGHT now. The place where you are UPGRADED into a BETTER VERSION of you.

So when we let our intuition take over - and trust that it knows what it's doing - that's when we UPGRADE, NOT QUIT!

That's when things turn around and we find more inner peace. More calm - and the solutions to the problems we THOUGHT we had either become apparent... or the problems disappear altogether.

Because QUITTING is never about being a loser - or lesser. It's about moving to a HIGHER plane - the place your soul is telling you that you need to be - without second-guessing yourself or wondering if what you're doing is the right thing.

Because deep down - you already have the answer. You just need to TRUST that you knew all along.

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