Why Visualise the Money Hitting Your Account… When You Could ASK For the SALE?

Choosing to VISUALISE the money hitting your account is safe. It's passive. If the money doesn't come - then that's because you didn't ask the universe hard enough right? Perhaps you weren't committed. Maybe your vision wasn't strong enough.

Bull to the SHIT!

That's just putting the blame straight back on you rather than actually LOOKING and FOCUSING upon whose responsibility it is to CREATE, ASK and SELL!

You can sit there arranging stones in a circle under the moonlight and being nice. Being polite. Not being aggressive. Not being THAT person.

Or you can STRAIGHT UP choose to start creating stuff which you put your NAME to - your SOUL to - your PASSION to - and ask your damned audience to buy it!

The first way puts an awful lot of faith in well... faith. But it's 'kind', you're not going to risk pissing people off that way. And if you fail... well, it's because G-d had a different plan for you. Something bigger. Something better.

Sure toots. You just keep on telling yourself that.

Or... you can GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF and step in to actually RUNNING your damned business. CREATE your shit and SELL it. 

You know... actually ASK people to BUY your shit.

Instead of waiting for the fairies and pixies to deign magical dollars to your Stripe account.

But it's uncomfortable. Women are socially programmed to be passive. To be nice. Not to ASK for money... unless it's to feed the kids.

So you stay nice. Stay in your box. Don't ask... and don't GET!

You have to choose whether you're praying for the unicorns and pixies - or whether you're RUNNING your fucking business like it's MEANT to actually make money... and ask people to buy.

People aren't psychic. They're fey and forgetful. Busy and tired. Flustered and flummoxed.

It's your JOB to tell them that you have the SOLUTION - but they gotta buy it - like dollars in your bank account - the magic isn't going to land in their lives unless they TAKE ACTION.

You either TAKE ACTION or you spend another year fannying around playing at running a business without actually selling your shit.

SELLING isn't manly. It's not masculine. It's not uncouth or nasty or aggressive or rude or mean.


Because it's 


it's a fucking sales engine!

Learn how to ENJOY writing emails… even if your subscribers have forgotten who you are and KNOW that you can have SALES in just 20 minutes!

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