The Shocking Secret to Running a SUCCESSFUL Online Business

This is the big one. The moment of truth about WHAT IT TAKES to make your Online Business SUCCESSFUL.

Are ya ready?

'Course you are...


Yep, that's it.

You need to show up EVERY SINGLE DAMNED DAY and do what you NEED to do from your INTUITION and what sets you alight EVERY DAY.

A checklist isn't going to cut it. Copying what 'she' does isn't going to cut it.

For female entrepreneurs putting themselves out there in the online space, you need to show up with your personality (flawed!) every single damned time.

There are no short-cuts.

A huge advertising budget is just a short-cut - but if you haven't actually established your BRAND PERSONALITY it's not going to cut it LONG-TERM.

Everything comes back to you EMBRACING the message INSIDE of you which NEEDS to come out and be shared with the world.

Anything else is just a toe in the water, a glance in the general direction of success. Because even if you tick off every damned box on the checklist it's not your business. You're just copying someone else's.

And... if you're BRAVE and you're doing this because there is NO other option for the way you want to live your life - then you need to find that ZONE where everything you do is COMFORTABLE and REAL - for YOU!

Because emulating someone else is not YOUR business - you'll always be wondering if you're 'up-to-date' enough and whether you've missed a trick.

When you SHOW UP AS YOURSELF because that's what your intuition tells you to do and it's from WHERE your intuition tells you... you can't go wrong.

I mean sure, things don't pan out the way you'd hoped for every time - but because you CHOSE that path yourself, it's not a failure - it's just a thing which didn't work THIS time.

And your intuition is ALREADY leading you to PLAN B.

So there you go. The secret is NOT a checklist, a "you must do this in this order or you'll fail for-evah!", it's not a huge advertising budget or the slickest, prettiest IG feed.

It's YOU.

COMMITTING to showing up. As YOURSELF. Every single damned day of your LIFE - NOT just your business.

Life is way too short to be only half-in - you IN?



Because it's 


it's a fucking sales engine!

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