Chosen New Beginnings – Shaping Your Life

By Alex

August 3, 2021


I’m writing this from the cabin on my ship. I’ve been sailing now for nearly 12 hours and about an hour ago we passed Fair Isle and now I see land again.

In an hour or so we’ll reach harbour, I’ll collect my car (and patient cat & dog!), collect the keys to my new house and I’ll be on the final leg of my journey.

Last night I stood out on deck and saw dolphins leaping out of the water as we left port - today, who knows? There have been sightings of a beluga whale!

Why do this? 

Why fucking not!

I CHOOSE my life - the one I want.

I WANT to look out at the sea EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY - not just on that rare occasion I make a trip to the beach.

I want to WALK DAILY with the sand between my toes.

I want to be surrounded by sea mammals and squeal in delight as I find otter footprints in the sand.

I want quiet.

I want to see the Northern Lights.

I want 24 hours of daylight in the summer.

I want to swim in the sea and all day taste the salt on my lips.

It’s maybe not conventional, certainly not easy during winter storms - but it’s the life I CHOOSE!

Not the one deemed ACCEPTABLE - or NORMAL.

But the one which makes me happy every. single. damned. day.

Not the one where I crowd on to the 8:12 commuter train squashed against strangers who should probably shower more often… Nor the one where I meticulously plan a conventional 2-week summer holiday, or spend Sundays traipsing around the retail park buying shit I’m not really interested in - but hey! What the fuck else are you going to do on a Sunday and ‘everyone else’ is doing it.

You can stay safe - stay in your lane - or you can WAKE THE FUCK UP and choose RIGHT NOW TODAY to live the life you REALLY want.

Choose to GO FOR IT.

Choose to live the life you want to be living. RIGHT NOW.

There are no repeats.

No encores.

No second chances.

Just this one life.

You get to wake up every day and choose the life you’re going to live.

I’d say “choose wisely” - but hell, I know you’re a grown-assed woman who’s made more than a few ‘questionable decisions’ over the years - so yeh, “choose wisely” - instead I think we’d better roll with CHOOSE AGAIN.

KEEP ON choosing until you get the life you want.

Not everyone is going to understand your desires. Your need. Your yearning for freedom to live as you please…

But in case you didn’t get the memo… it wasn’t a CONFERENCE CALL when you decided how to run your life.


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