When You Say You Hate Selling – Do You Mean You Hate Money?

Sorry gal... we need to talk about SELLING.

No, really! 

I mean it's cute and all that you're creating these programs and you've updated your content calendar for the 4th time this year and that you've attended another webinar and that you're TELLING YOURSELF that you're "working on something".

But - what's going on here? 

What's the problem?

Do you HATE money? 

Does the thought of being paid for what you're REALLY FUCKING GOOD at bring you out in hives and make you want to crawl back under the duvet with a sippy-cup and a onesie and have the pixies fill your purse with fresh, crisp notes?

Grow up gal.

You're here to earn.


And THIS is what business is all about.

I mean sure, it's great you're getting your message out there and that you're making a difference in the lives of others - but without actually y'know ASKING FOR THE DAMNED SALE - how exactly do you expect this money to fall into your lap? 

Truth is - you've got to ASK for the SALE.

The MOST SUCCESSFUL online entrepreneurs are the ones who are selling - AND... they ENJOY selling! 

Not necessarily the 'best' people out there with the most knowledge or the best teaching delivery - but the ones who are ASKING for your money.

The ones who are not ashamed to say "yep, I wanna get paid for this" and tell you what they can do for you, how much it's going to cost and how you can pay.

Because whilst you're sitting there saying you'd like some PASSIVE INCOME - let me spell this out to you.

There is NO SUCH FUCKING THING as passive income. There is nothing passive about it. It takes WORK - and ASKING.

Do the work. ASK for the sale. REPEAT. 


NOT asking for the sale. Not selling is not an option.

What's your problem with money? Why don't you WANT to earn money with what you're doing?

Don't you like nice things?

Don't you WANT that cashmere wrap for winter? The salmon in the restaurant? To turn left when you step on the plane? To upgrade your room? To browse a travel brochure with INTENT to book rather than intent to DREAM? 

When we talk about PASSIVE INCOME - what we actually mean is that we want money coming in. REGULARLY. And for some reason there's this myth out there that you need to do next-to-fuck-all to achieve this.

But the reality is, you need to create stuff, grow your audience and sell to your audience. Even then - even when your audience is ten times the size it is now - you're STILL going to have to sell. You're still going to have to ask your audience to buy from you.

You don't need to hustle for every single damned cent you make - but you SURE AS SHIT need to make ASKING FOR MONEY part of your business, part of your plan, part of your strategy and something you DO. DAILY. Without exception.

Long gone are the days when if someone wanted to buy something from you, they'd make a call or fill in a form and wait for an invoice.

We're living in an era of 'instant gratification' and you need to be ready to sell. You need your payment processors in place, you need your sales pages in place and ffs - do I really need to repeat this? You need to give your audience something to buy - but also a REASON to buy... and to buy today!

One brilliant way of getting this 'passive income' and actually ASKING for that sale daily is to set up a TRIPWIRE for after your audience has opted in to hear more from you.

This also forms part of your "SET IT AND FORGET IT" operations.

Then... to make it EXTRA juicy, you can offer a special discount with a countdown timer - for example, when my clients join me they have just a few days to get one of my signature programs for less than 50% regular price.

So that's giving them a REAL incentive to buy - because it's something at a 'never repeated price' - plus it's a really good fucking product which EVERYONE needs right now as we look to a yet again changing face of Social Media.

There's going to be much more on that - how those who've relied on Social Media to market their business are going to have it turn around and bite their asses! 

Also means for those of you who diversify your marketing strategies - you're going to come out of this WAAAAAAY ahead of the STEPFORD BUSINESS BITCHES

Let's GO! 



ROCK-SOLID SALES MACHINE and Put on Your Big Girl Pants!

If your niche and marketing message  aren't super-clear and hitting that sweet spot, then you'll be hearing crickets - not cash-registers

Leave a Comment... I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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