Letting Go of Perfectionism and Embracing REAL Online Business

By Alex

September 1, 2021

If there's one constant truth in the world of online business - it's that we're supposed to be doing #ALLTHETHINGS

It's not just enough to have a brain bubbling over with ideas and excitement and enthusiasm for what you're putting out in the world - but ya gotta hustle, hustle, HUSTLE 24/7 - "sleep is for the weak" - yada yada.

But the REAL truth is - those limitations are imposed by OURSELVES - and actually bear no reality upon any success in your business.

Life is messy & chaotic. Entrepreneurship is messy & chaotic - but the only person grading you is yourself.

Whilst there is a gulf between working 24/7 and sitting on your fat arse catching up on The Walking Dead and double-dipping your Doritos... it really isn't necessary to do EVERYTHING. PERFECTLY.

I used to make audio recordings and then edit, edit, edit and edit a bit more. Then decide it was shit. Delete. Procrastinate. Try again in a few weeks. REPEAT.

As you can imagine... very little came to fruition, very little got finished and very little got sold!

And it's a mistake I see fellow female entrepreneurs in the online space make over and over and over again.

They sit and they wait. They wait for perfectionism. They delete anything they feel isn't quite good enough... but the truth is? 

Done is ALWAYS better than "perfect".

I know it sounds like just a repeated trope - but it's true. Done is not an excuse for doing a shit job - but nothing is EVER going to be perfect. No matter how many hours you stare at it. No matter how much info you read around the subject to try and improve your understanding of it. No matter how many of your buddies you get to "check it out" and give feedback.

At some point you just need to run with it - you can always come back later to make additions and improvement - but you need to CREATE and UNLEASH - without waiting for perfection!

Imperfect action will ALWAYS beat the crap out of perfect waiting...

And yet we torture ourselves about not achieving #ALLTHETHINGS perfectly perfect. 

We shoot videos and then worry about the editing and graphics as though we were a national broadcasting company.

We write an article and then berate ourselves as though entering it for the Booker prize.

We create a program and then question whether it would be taught in an Ivy League college.

We worry that maybe our make-up or wardrobe doesn't portray 'quite' the right image.

And truly? Those who are making waves are the ones who are taking steps. Small, but imperfect actions. Every single day. Making progress with 'good enough'.

And I had another really good reminder of that just this week which has given me a HUGE breakthrough and a valuable lesson.

The beach house is AMAZEBALLS - no arguments here! But... and this may NOT come as a surprise to all of you πŸ˜‚ - the broadband on a tiny Scottish island sucks!

I mean it's OK for general work and watching Netflix - BUT, it's not good enough for live-streaming.

Which IMMEDIATELY solves that problem of "wtf can't I be 'normal' on IG/FB lives?".

I always HATED going live - because I say the most stupid shit - and although I KNOW we're not supposed to worry about perfect - I'd sit there feeling like a rabbit in the headlights and hating every minute of it.

So circumstances (shite broadband) have made me set aside 'perfect' and what we're 'supposed' to do - and instead has allowed me to fully EMBRACE the shit I actually WANT to do - without needing to second-guess myself or question whether I'm "doing it right".

Because... whatever you're doing - if it feels right? It IS fucking right.

Quit thinking about the SHOULDAs - and take charge of the WANNAs! 

Because THAT's where the magic lies - and we are all imperfect as human beings - we've all got weird quirks and foibles - but to actually ENJOY what you're putting out there in the online space you have to actually  enjoy what you're doing - but also know that your IMPERFECT ACTION is what drives you on - and makes that progress of growing your business.


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