You Get to Approve Your Own Skillset – Permission Unnecessary

By Alex

July 8, 2021

As an online entrepreneur you get to approve your own skillset - what you want to put out into the world - and you're judged by your knowledge, enthusiasm and personality - and not your interview skills!

And you require exactly NOBODY's permission! 

Too many online coaches get caught up in thinking they need certification.

Fuck that.

You do your shit and you get it out there. Those of us who've been on this planet long enough know there are those you CAN... and those who CAN'T - no matter WHAT the letters after their name denote!

Remember that scene in Trainspotting where Spud is having a disastrous interview and you see the panel recoil in horror? 

That pretty much sums up my interview techniques - I mean, it's not like I ever rolled up off my head - but I'm hopeless. Seriously hopeless.

I get consumed with nerves and end up saying the MOST stupid things. It's probably partially the autism in that I panic when I'm face-to-face with someone - but for whatever reason - me and interviews? Suck ass. I'm not kidding when I say I'm seriously hopeless - I'd like to say I carried a watermelon, but dropped it, stamped on it with a bit of toilet roll stuck to the bottom of my shoes is more like it!

Two special incidents stick in my mind, although they are far from uncommon in my sad history *sniff sniff*. 

The first in Brussels where I ended up in tears and the man interviewing me wouldn't let me leave until I'd stopped crying - yeh, he actually locked his office door - 20 years on, I'm horrified that happened!  He'd got it in to his head that my sole experience was working in a shop selling cosmetics. Wtf??? I'm still confused about that - I was a Software Engineer going for a role at an EU institution. 

The second where I spent half the time raving on about a friend's 30th we were having that night and how we were going to paint the town red which culminated in me asking whether I could "take and keep" the "Dirty 30" badge he had on his desk to give to my friend. I mean seriously??? What on EARTH was going through my mind? πŸ˜‚


Take a guess as to whether I landed those jobs or not? 😁

I have a couple of friends who have been offered every single job they've ever applied for - I mean they're really fucking excellent at what they do, but they're kind of awkward in real life - but they've got this interview technique totally licked.

The beauty with working online is that you don't have to put yourself through this palm-sweating, palpitation-inducing horror of trying to justify your skillset to a stranger.

You get to say to yourself "fuck yeh, of course you've got this". 

Your resume isn't filtered by a 22 year old in their first job looking for key words without a deeper understanding of the topics surrounding.

You don't have to shake hands with someone after surreptitiously wiping your sweaty palm down your brand new skirt and hoping they don't notice how clammy you are. What if they write SWEATY BETTY on your interview notes rather than note you were obviously just nervous? 

You don't have to pretend to be 100% interested and excited about let's face it... the minutiae or somewhat dull parts of the job/organisation.

You don't need to feign interest in a somewhat lack-lustre career progression path or promise commitment and loyalty to a corporate entity which really doesn't give a SHINY SHITE about YOU!

You get to choose.

You get to choose what you offer and how you shape your future. 

Don't like a particular aspect of your role? 

Sack it off. If it's something which HAS to be done then you pay someone else to do it - if it's something which is 100% on you to deliver - switch that shit up until it works for you.

This is the beauty. 

No more being hemmed in by what you WERE - only the possibilities of the future which YOU choose to SHAPE.

PS It's amazing how quickly your skillset develops when you're TRULY INTERESTED in what you're doing and not just 'doing it until home time because that's what you get paid for'. 

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