When Your Course Bombs – Pivot Your Audience, Not Your Product!

By Alex

July 7, 2021

ALL online entrepreneurs have a product or course which bombs. Yep, ALL of them. Me, you - and her earning $10 million a year. Everyone. 

You either pick yourself up and carry on - or you throw in the towel and go back to the j.o.b.! 

But, when you're fairly new in the online world, what I see many female entrepreneurs doing when choosing a course topic - is choosing pretty much the same as everyone else. I mean sure they inject their personality - often only to a degree because they're so busy watching X, following X, stalking X - that they're perhaps not even realising that they're copying. 

And then they try and copy the audience because they see X reeling in all these new customers and think that's got to be the way.


So they fling the course in the bin - or pivot the product. By that I mean they change the scope, the delivery method, the strapline, whatever - but that never WAS the problem.


The magic ingredient which makes YOUR course or your product UNMISSABLE is YOU.

When you're holding back because you want to be the same as everyone else - because it LOOKS like it's working... then you're sabotaging yourself and you're going to find yourself competing for a bland audience the same as everyone else's.

There comes a point where you CHOOSE to DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND and say "no more". From this day forward I choose my OWN audience.

And the more you embrace your QUIRKY BRILLIANT YOU and liberally sprinkle your personality throughout your entire marketing - that's when your you get to create an audience of super-fans (!) which NOBODY ELSE can replicate.

And that's when you get to be in a CATEGORY OF ONE!

The people who fully get you.

The people who can't wait to hear what you have to say next.

The people who feel your trials and triumphs as their own.

The people who recognise themselves in you.

Only when you truly embrace that can you truly get the audience that works for you!

Because of this transformation, you will need to go back in and adjust your course (pun intended! πŸ˜‚) to fully reflect YOU!

But the problem I see is that so many women in the online space are doubting themselves and I know what it's like. 

Your brain gets in a total fizz and you're thinking "why the fuck NOT me? Why THEM?" and so you you assume that the product is absolute dog-shit (!) and you go and create something new.

But it never was about the product... it was just the 'wrong people'.

Because you created that product because it came FROM YOU and you were ALIGNED with it! (Scrap that obviously if you chose the product just because every other fucker was selling it!)

If you fall into the trap of ditching your GREAT ideas - the ones which flow out of you with passion, authenticity and a burning desire to affect lives - and instead stick with the same ol', same ol' boring tried & tested - then you're going to fail and drag yourself into a pit of doom and waste a LOT of energy berating yourself along the way!

You'll fail yourself - because it never really sits right with you anyway because you know it's not you. It's like working in a fucking toy shop selling cuddly dogs when you wanted to be a vet! 

You'll fail yourself because you won't really believe in it - because it never really WAS you... just you playing the part of online entrepreneur.

You'll fail your audience - are they even YOUR audience??? - because the people who really get you will be scratching their heads wondering what the fuck it is you're trying to say because you're diluting your voice and being a sugar-coated FAKE!

You'll fail the audience who weren't even your people anyway because... well, because they know your heart isn't in it.

You need to find YOUR audience.

The busy little freaks [tm] who open your email first when it lands in their inbox!

The ones who'd love to have a coffee with you and set the world to right.

The ones who are always ready to hear another story from you.

The ones who know their lives will be better with YOU in it - not X. 

Your course may need tweaking - but if they're totally falling flat then look first at your audience - and never, ever, EVER ditch your ideas just because the WRONG person wasn't interested!

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