We do Hard Things and We Don’t Back Down

By Alex

July 10, 2021

It's not easy running an online business - it's not easy being an employee. 

You get to choose your 'easy'.

When you choose to be an online entrepreneur you HAVE to buy in to:

  • We don't back down
  • We don't allow ourselves to be mistreated
  • We are calm
  • We are unshakeable
  • We do HARD things
  • We WIN!

You get knocked down and you have to pick yourself up again. 

Do it again.

Do it better.

Go in harder.

But when I say go in harder, I don't mean make your shit harder. I mean hard with determination and inner force.

Belief that what you are doing is RIGHT and that you WILL succeed.

Failure is NOT an option.

It's not one for us.

The 1% who choose to live life differently.

The ones who keep going even when it's really fucking hard.

Because for us? There is no alternative. There is no back-up plan.

We're ALL IN.

And we don't 'give' in.

We are strong. We take no shit. 

We win.

Every single fucking day.

Every single fucking day when we're tearing our hair out and wondering why the logic of our funnel isn't coming together.

We stand back. We observe.

We come back re-energised FUELLED by desire and the ANSWERS.

We don't back down.



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