5 Day Challenge – What They WANT vs. What They NEED!

By Alex

July 11, 2021

Sell them what they want - not what they need!

OK, let me explain this.

If your 5 DAY CHALLENGE is about losing weight then actually it's too vague.

I mean sure, I'd like to lose weight, but it's so "meh"... I could cut off a cankle and be lighter!

I want to fit in to my pre-Covid jeans.

Weight? Shmeight? Although YES, I need to lose weight to fit into those pre-Covid jeans - what I WANT... is the jeans.

I know it sounds like I'm saying the same thing - but for your customers, it's actually quite different.

If you were for example showing people how to use Social Media to grow their audience... although they NEED to grow their audience - they don't actually give a fuck if their audience is 5 or 5 million. 

They WANT sales.

Your job when designing your challenge is to offer up what they WANT... but DELIVER what they NEED.

You need to speak to the DESIRE. Where they WANT to be. The PROMISED LAND - not the journey.

People don't want to do the hard work. The difficult stuff. The challenging stuff where they need to question their own motives or behaviour.

Back to the losing weight - realistically we all know that to lose the weight we need to stop using the fridge as our back-up BFF - and instead be careful about what we put in our mouths - and perhaps even shift our fat arses. πŸ˜‚

But that's HARD WORK.

We want the EASY fix. The jeans which don't threaten to take someone's eye out when the buttons fly off at high velocity as we force our FAT ARSE into them.

We WANT clearer, brighter skin. We don't want to have to drink 2 litres of water a day and drink cucumber and wheatgrass shakes.

Everyone is a lazy fucker. EVERYONE. We all want the short cut.

But to SELL your stuff - and to get people buying in to what you're DOING - you need to offer up the DESIRE. The WANT. The YEARNING. 

Your job is to give them the RESULTS... not spell out the hard work to get to that point. 

So when you're creating your CHALLENGE, you need to make that promise of the AMAZING, FANTASTIC, FANTABULOUS place they're going to be (or have) at the end of those 5 days.

Nobody wants to cut out sugar or miss their favourite treats - but they do want to drop a dress size and be able to run for the last cashmere shawl in a closing down sale without losing out to an 80 year old shuffling along with a frame! 

Remember: Deliver the DESIRE... not the NEED!


fill your course!

The SECRET SAUCE to running a FIVE DAY CHALLENGE primed for SALES - even if you've got a TINY LIST!

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