Find 10 Course Ideas in 2 Minutes

By Alex

August 30, 2021

If you're looking for more consistent income but your brain turns into fucking GLUE when you ask yourself the seemingly simple question "What on earth could I sell?" - then tune in because this one's for you!

You're probably MORE than familiar with our old entrepreneurial friend "analysis paralysis" which comes in many guises - but never more so than when we're trying to figure out what we could create and sell. And this is why this exercise is about JFDI and creating momentum from TAKING actual action.

OK, so when I talk to my clients about what they could (or more importantly WANT!) to sell online - their first reaction is usually one of the following:

1) umm... I don't know

2) I'll have to check what x, y & z are doing (3 random STEPFORD BUSINESS BITCHES in her niche)

3) changes the subject and offers to make me a cocktail... πŸ₯‚

And then the more you try and FORCE the greatest-idea-since-sliced-bread - the more your brain goes from glue to concrete to fucking CLOSED DOWN!

But the thing is, coming up with ideas of what you could sell is actually more PRACTICING your art - than hard and fast rules- or heaven forbid - following the fucking crowd and selling the same boring old shit all those other boring bitches are selling!

In my experience, the easiest way to move past this feeling of 'empty brain' and "what the fuck on earth would people buy from me?" is simply to grab your pen - yep, a real life pen and scribble down the first 10 things which come to mind.

KNOW THIS: 9 out of these 10 ideas will be UTTER GARBAGE.

Or... if you repeat it back to yourself half an hour later will make your skin crawl and your upper lip curl in horror! πŸ˜‚

So why do this? Well, because if you do this EVERY DAMNED DAY - then there's going to be one idea which really JUMPS OUT at you - to the point you can't NOT do it.

And that's going to be the one.

The one which makes you forget ALL about the VANILLA STEPFORD BITCHES of business and all their boring shite - because this idea CALLS to you and you know that every damned inch of it is going to come flying out of you (help! I can feel myself falling into some weird medical analogy here... )...

Or maybe there's going to be one which prickles your sub-conscious and when you repeat this exercise tomorrow as part of your DAILY ACTIVITIES, it'll become more refined - until it forms itself as a REAL and tangible idea.

I've created a worksheet for you - this is seriously rough and ready. There are NO right nor wrong answers. This is just about you grabbing a pen and writing some shit down - because if you sit and wait for the PERFECT IDEA - it's NEVER going to come. Download the damned thing NOW, print it out and if one of those ideas makes you think "oh fuck YEH!" then THAT'S the one I want you to sketch out the framework for... TODAY!

You need to take action - not wait for the unicorns to deliver the answer on a bejewelled platter!

Every single time you write 9 lines of pure trash - there's going to be 1 which is a keeper. One which is fully aligned with you.

Aaaand... because you know just how much I fucking LOATHE blank worksheets - here are a few ideas to get your pistons firing.

  1. Virtual weekend retreat to launch in a weekend
  2. High end VIP retreat at my end of the world house (ha! COVID ALERT! - but see? They don't all need to be 'real' and actionable - the exercise is about you writing it)
  3. Paid workshop for creating a sales page
  4. Drip feed audio course for choosing your niche
  5. Blogging for beginners and whipping Google into shape
  6. 30 Days to Launch (with weekly group calls)
  7. Master Your Funnels Mastermind
  8. 90 Days to Turn this Shit/Ship Around - from failing & flailing to...
  9. Re-purposing Social Media content
  10. SEO for dummies workshop

Let me know if you find a winner when you brainstorm and please try and do this exercise every working day so you learn to harness your creativity and you'll NEVER AGAIN be sat there thinking "I don't know what to fucking sell!".

2 minutes to 10 products!

hey you!

Do this exercise DAILY to lead you to the ideas which are TRULY ALIGNED with YOU - and the message you want to share with the world!

Leave a Comment... I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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