It’s Not Working Because You’re Being a Lazy Bee!

By Alex

September 7, 2021

Of all the people trying to make it work in the online space - only 1% are actually DOING THE FUCKING WORK and TAKING ACTION

The other 99% are dreamers.

Taking courses. Learning. Networking on Social Media. Being 'busy'. 'Getting ready' to launch <--- much like having children, there is never a 'perfect' time.

Or maybe just sitting on the couch eating cheetos and catching up on the latest Netflix binge.

Oh I mean, I seriously get it! To actually make the decision to STEP UP in your business means taking a good, long hard look at yourself and facing up to the possibility of failure - that maybe you haven't got 'it' - haven't got what it takes.

Thing is, 'it' isn't some magical elusive shit that only the very, very elite get - 'it' is simply to keep fucking going. Keep fucking taking action. Keep fucking doing the work. Showing up. Every single day.

Even when you'd actually rather be sat on the beach listening to the waves and drinking roast Columbian and dreaming about how exactly you're going to spend your $$$.

It's easier to observe, to watch and 'play' at business than to get your hands dirty and participate.

To get mucky and messy and throw ideas together and out...

To keep on showing up for your audience.

I mean if you never even try -  then you can never fail.

You'll never get mucky. Never get messy. Never get ugly. Never have to look at yourself in the mirror and say "I fucked up today".

Never have to spend all that energy on something which bombs even though YOU KNEW it was fucking awesome.

Did Dostoevsky write because he NEEDED to write or because he wanted to sell books?

But you know what? 

Be a dreamer if you want - no skin off my nose. 

BUT! Is that really what you WANT from life?

Is that really what you DESIRE?

Don't you feel you could do MORE? BE more? Achieve more? Have it all? On YOUR terms.

Live your life like you've already won. Living your life DOING THE STUFF and sharing your message because you have NO OTHER OPTION because doing something else just isn't the way you've designed your life... it's not good enough for YOU!

So why aren't you doing the fucking work? 

Set a 30 minute timer and crack the fuck on! No excuses!


ROCK-SOLID SALES MACHINE and Put on Your Big Girl Pants!

If your niche and marketing message  aren't super-clear and hitting that sweet spot, then you'll be hearing crickets - not cash-registers

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