3 Reasons Your Program Isn’t Selling

By Alex

September 6, 2021

I'm not promising this one's going to be an easy one to read - because NOBODY likes inspecting their flaws in the mirror - but let's go!

Everything changed for me and my business when I did these three SIMPLE things... (which I resisted...!)


    I know right? Sounds fucking ridiculous - and very, VERY obvious!

    But the truth of the matter is, I went ahead and created a website and I emailed my people and I TOLD MYSELF (!) I was SUPER-BUSY, SUPER-ENGAGED and SUPER-UNLUCKY.

    Turns out... If you want people to actually buy your stuff - you need to create something. Imagine walking into a shop with bare shelves and asking the sales assistant what you could buy and them saying "well... what are you after?". 🀭

    So I made something people could pop in their online shopping basket and checkout with.


    No more vague shit. No more hoping people would "get me" and "read between the lines".

    I spelled out:

    what I do and what my clients get at the end

    I used to almost "blind people with science" trying to be ALL the things to ALL the people. But instead of making people think "oh she really knows what she's talking about" - I just confused the hell out of them and they hit the back button.


    I cannot tell you enough how fundamental this step is.

    And yet... so many of us back away from it which is just MINDSET FUCKERY.

    We're in business. Businesses do what they do to make money. Money makes the world go round.

    But here we are as women tending NOT to ask people to buy our stuff and I'm 99% sure it's because we don't want people to think we're "icky" or "salesy" - I mean, seriously? Is this the 1950s and we're not supposed to ASK FOR MONEY?

Once you can tie in ALL THREE of those steps then it changes your business entirely. It goes from "time-consuming hobby" to something which actually makes money.

I love tinkering around with my laptop... but I prefer cash! πŸ˜πŸ’Έ

If this is something you need help with, check out the ROCK-SOLID SALES MACHINE and let me help you build a sales machine you believe in.


ROCK-SOLID SALES MACHINE and Put on Your Big Girl Pants!

If your niche and marketing message  aren't super-clear and hitting that sweet spot, then you'll be hearing crickets - not cash-registers

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