Will Your Course Offer Flop or Fly? – (Part 2)

By Alex

January 19, 2022

Read Part 1 here

In Part 2 we're going to look closer at the elements of YOU which make your course irresistible and why your clients would be fools not to choose to work with you over one of the BORING STEPFORD BITCHES of ONLINE BUSINESS. πŸ˜‰

Can You Wax Lyrical About This Topic?

Say I hand you the microphone and a stiff drink (πŸ₯ƒ) and stick you on stage - can you run with this for at LEAST 15 minutes barely pausing for breath?

Will you come over all "politician delivering an important broadcast" and become overly animated with your hands splashing the first 2 rows of the audience with your drink?

Will you make people laugh? 

Will the caretaker be telling you to "stfu and go home?"

Cool - you are excited about this. You cannot teach ANY course you're not genuinely excited about - it shows - and your clients can smell it a mile off even if you think you're hiding this really well.

*I've been here - trying to sell stuff I'm "good" at - but not necessarily excited about. It's a passion-killer for both you - and your audience.

Is Your Offer Different to Everything Else Out There?

I am so fucking bored of reading and hearing the same old shitty courses & programs.

The ones which pique my interest are the ones run by the misfits, the rebels, the critical thinkers and those asking the DIFFICULT questions.

They're not "towing the line" - they've chewed up the fucking line and thrown it back and have come up with BETTER!

If you're planning to sell the same old shit as "everyone else" you need to stop that RIGHT NOW - go away and get some GENUINE clarity about what you're doing before you try and take it to the world.

Ain't nobody got time for vanilla BS!

Your energy HAS to be different and the angle you approach the problem from has to be different otherwise there's just zero reason for your potential clients to pick YOU and not some cheaper version of vanilla

Are You a Freaking Mind-Reader?

Is your copy on fire? πŸ”₯ 

Know how to craft a Sales Page that speaks to your clients in a language they understand? 

Are you writing in YOUR voice echoing the thoughts & feelings of your potential customers?

Have you really tapped in to the way they're feeling and are showing empathy and understanding? 

You need your clients to be reading your Sales Page nodding away like a toy dog on the parcel shelf of a car thinking "OMG, how the fuck is she inside my head? How does she know? What? Can people SEE what I'm thinking?".

Because if you're not channeling YOU - and you're not really in THEIR heads - just who the fuck is it you're planning on selling to? 

Someone who doesn't really know what THEY want so come to you because you don't really know who YOU are? 

Yeh. Not such an awesome match right?

You have to be fully anchored in yourself and have absolute clarity about WHO YOU ARE and what you do if you're really going to be able to tap in to your unicorn and be that irresistible leader.


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