Will Your Course Offer Flop – or Fly? – (Part 1)

By Alex

January 18, 2022

It goes something like this...

Your brain is buzzing with ideas - you've been writing down ideas EVERY SINGLE DAY until you hit a I-gotta-do-this-cuz-I-just-can't-not one that you're excited about and you know you're going to knock it out of the park... and here you are.

If you're anything like me then you probably have new ideas every single day - most of them utter shite - but some of them are bloody genius and deserve to be unleashed to the world!

But there are a few niggling doubts.

Will it sell?

Am I going to make an arse of myself?

Will I spend the next 2 weeks creating from my zone of genius only to discover I should've dusted the skirting boards instead?


So before you sink real time + effort into this, let's take a quick look at the elements of your course offer to see if it's got wings (gonna fly) - or whether it's like Icarus and gonna hurtle to the ground at terminal velocity! 😁

Are There Enough People Out There Who Want This?

OK... so you think it's fucking genius - and you remember a conversation you had with a woman on the Greyhound out of Denver... but she may have been drunk - but no, even if she was sober-as-a-judge, you know she'd TOTALLY be in to this.

Anyone else? 

Bueller? Anyone? 

It's a big ol' world out there and you don't need to convince everyone - but you do need to have enough people on "your team" who are going to make this a financially viable prospect for you to be able to sell multiple times.

Is This Problem Causing Your Client Tangible Problems?

Tangible as in noticeable. As in once a week they berate themselves over the kitchen sink muttering "FFS woman, why can't you just fix this once and for all?".

Because there's a difference between there being a problem - and your potential client being AWARE that there's a problem... that she just can't solve on her own.

Will Your Client Pay For the Solution?

Lesson 1: Never assume the inner-details of anyone's financial situation.

More pertinently - is anyone actually going to want to hand over their cold, hard cash for this?

I'm gonna go for YES - and this is a YES for any damned thing you can think of - so, if there's an audience - there's an audience with $$$.

Why do I say this? 

Well, because for almost anything we want to know in life - we can find the answer online. What we pay for is for someone to disseminate the information for us and spoon-feed it to us in bite-sized chunks we can swallow a week at a time.

Course Creators: Buyers pay for YOU to disseminate information FOR them and spoon-feed it weekly. Information is free - organisation is not! #smallbiztips

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Is the Outcome Crystal Clear?

There's no point being vague about this shit. If you're being vague it's probably because:

1. You're not really sure about your idea - in which case - back to the drawing board for you - brainstorm 10 ideas every day and come back when you have! - or - 

2. You're trying to appeal to everyone.

Fuck. that. shit.

You cannot appeal to anyone and everyone.

You are solving a SPECIFIC problem for a SPECIFIC sub-set of clients - those are the ones who need this - not those on the peripherals. The ones right here, right now who need THIS SOLUTION.

Part 2

Part 3

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