6 Simple Tweaks You Can Make Today to Nail Your Sales Page

By Alex

January 17, 2022

Hurrah! You've got a SALES PAGE! Booo!... it sucks!

In fact, it's distinctly lack-lustre and you're not sure you'd buy yourself - but you have to keep telling yourself you would because you put in all that hard work... and if you asked your friends & family, they'd all say "amazing babes, so awesome". - note to the wise: friends + family may be your best advocates - but they will never give you the serious low-down on what you're lacking!

It's fine if your Sales Page isn't there yet, absolutely A-OK, even Dostoyevsky didn't write Anna Karenina in kindergarten. Everyone starts somewhere, so let's look at 6 simple things you can do to make yours POP and convert your serious browsers into buyers.

Let's look at some simple tweaks you can make to nail your sales page and WOW your clients. 

1. OMG Images that Inspire

Yucky bland grey-suited corporate drones pointing at a graph on a whiteboard. Yeh, you know what I'm talking about. The same images you've seen a gazillion times over since the first time you ever encountered that unhelpful little paperclip asking you if you'd like a hint. 

No ta - no hints - just give me an image which doesn't take me back to my first job back in the 90s and make my knee-length nylon navy blue skirt explode into a ball of flames through sheer boredom.

There are a ton of fun & crazy images out there - and, I'll bet 99% of them fit YOU and YOUR BRAND better than the grey-suit pointing at a gra-zzzzzzz-ph! 

Is your website and visual branding generally themed? Is your niche specific and could be incorporated? E.g., you're in the equestrian niche - ever seen anyone at your yard stomping around in 4" stilettos and a chignon pointing at a graph on a whiteboard? No, me either.

For my sales pages, I tend to use a lot of pop-art style images in keeping with my brand. This way my clients know they're dealing with me and it adds an extra layer of "yes" as soon as they start reading - because they know they're dealing with me - not the grey-suited bore!

2. Give Your Program Name Zest!

You may not be selling the sexiest thing in the world - I mean seriously, I get ya - not many people find writing newsletters or blogs sexy and fun... most people find them dreary and at the bottom of the "must/should-do" list. What can I say? We're all built differently. πŸ˜‰

So to capture the imagination of your course or program, it's imperative that you lend it a short, snappy name which not only immediately tells your customer what it is - but also gives a wee insight into you - the teacher.

The course name should be around 3-5 words and descriptive without being really fucking boring - yes, it's a bit of an art and you may need to play around a while - but there's a world of difference between e.g., "Write More Newsletters" and "NOT Another Fucking Newsletter"!

Following on from this - the strap/tag-line is going to be more around the 7-10-word mark and gives more detail as to the transformation. E.g., if you're selling a course on how to shift that 10lbs then your strapline is going to be something along the lines of "and pull your favourite jeans over your knees with ease!".

You're using the strapline to really drive home the benefit of the course or program so that your customer can easily see what the benefit to THEM is going to be if they work with you. 

3. Font-size - aka Where are my Fucking Glasses?

I cannot begin to tell you the number of Sales Pages I've come across where the font size is so teeny-weeny I can barely read it. Sure, it may look wonderful on your 23" monitor in your office - but on my phone? I'm not getting my binoculars out - I'm hitting the back button!

4. "Agitate" - aka Show You Understand - Intro

OK, so the reason your client is even reading your sales page is because they've got a problem and you're here saying "I got you boo!"

So, you outline what's going on right now, where they're stuck, what's going wrong - and, personally I give it a swerve on how it's making them FEEL because I personally find that sleazy AF - and we're in the business of helping people, not making them feel like shite!

But go right ahead and empathise - more than likely, you've been in this position yourself so you know exactly what was going on - don't be afraid to detail the lows here... because that's going to allow you to open up with your solution.

The whole point of this section is to demonstrate that you really do understand the "before" position of the problem - and because you really do understand - you sure as hell understand how to get to the solution!

This "agitate" section shows your customer that you're a "real person" and that you get where they're coming from. It allows them to like you... if they want to! πŸ˜‰

5. Go Right Ahead and Ask for the Sale!

Throughout your sales page, you will want to have at LEAST 3 buttons for people to buy - and, forget the "BUY NOW" - although it's good to have at least one which really spells it out... for the people who need you to spell it out! 😁

Play around and experiment with things like:

  • Yes! I want this!
  • Woah! I'm in!
  • I need this now!
  • Let me pay already!

 You get my drift... it's a) a little more fun and breaks it up from just littering the word BUY, BUY, BUY throughout the page - but also b)  again, leads your buyer towards that internal "yes" and having them want IN!

6. Accept it Will NEVER be Perfect

You are never, ever, ever, evah going to look at your sales page and think "wooohooo - this is perfect and I need never look at it again".

Ain't NEVER gonna happen!

Accept that it's a work in progress. That you're going to hit the publish button and then scroll on your phone tonight and think "shit, need to change that word" - or "should add X".

You may also further down the line want to do some A/B testing to see which element(s) work the best and convert at high rates.

But the point is - you need to take action and you need to hit the PUBLISH button - and the beauty of working online and controlling your own website + sales message is that you CAN go back and reiterate at any point YOU choose because this is YOUR life + YOUR business.

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  • Great post! I completely agree about the graphics part – they have to catch attention other I scroll away. You’ve given me very useful advice to consider for my next sales page. Also, Tolstoy, not Dostoyevsky, wrote Anna Karenina. It’s one of my favorite books! πŸ˜‰

    • haha gonna die of shame! πŸ˜‚

      I worked at an office once with a lot of Russian people and they wanted a book swap. I took in a pile of my embarrassing British “clit lit” stuff (which was popular at the time in my defence). My Russian colleague looked at me like I was something she’d stepped in – but I just LOVE the way she pronounced Dostoyevsky!

      As for the photos – about 5 years ago it was all “pink & pens & planners” on desks, which is still an improvement upon pointing at a graph!

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