The Stepford Wives of Online Business!

When Ira Levin wrote the satirical novel Stepford Wives about the submissive and obedient women a young mother encounters in her neighbourhood - he probably wasn't looking as far ahead as 2021 and the Boring Stepford Bitches of Online Business!

But here we are.

Surrounded by a bunch of cookie-cut coaches selling the same old tired formulas and strategies for making your business work as a female entrepreneur - note MEN aren't dragged down this G-d-awful fucking boring route!

It comes in this guise:

  • Sell 1:1 coaching to your friends & family
  • Start selling group programs
  • Eventually create your fucking boring 12 month signature program online with minimum personal contact
  • Scale. Repeat. Scale. Repeat. Fall asleep through boredom.

You will NOT deviate from this plan because if you do - the other Boring Stepford Wives of Online Business will get upset and tell you you're DOING IT WRONG!

That formula worked! ... from 2008 to 2017 or so.

Now it's tired - and those I see still plugging it? Well... they keep on doing it because they cannot/will not deviate from the plan... they don't know HOW or WHAT to do otherwise!

They're as bored of it as you or I - and they lose patience with the participants as they answer the SAME questions month in, month out - the questions they really have ZERO interest in answering - but hey! It's the 'coaching formula' and 'ya gotta do it this way'.

Instead of just doing the stuff they WANT to do.

The Stepford Wives of Online Business use the same formula for growth and success... without ever understanding the value of PERSONALITY MARKETING - or even what makes themselves HAPPY!

 They use the same Social Media channels for marketing... the same old boring "Monday Motivation", "Wednesday Wins" tripe, the same methods of engagement, the same unimaginative program names, straplines & copy, same, same, fucking SAME! 

The same shiny, glossy hair, the same made-up face using the same products, the same home office, the same Macbook, the same - fucking hell... it's STEPFORD!

And they're so damned OBEDIENT and COMPLIANT and NICE and never, ever, EVER want to upset the apple-cart or divide their audience - even though pissing off half your audience is NEVER a bad thing! 😁


But you know what?


Because for every 99 STEPFORD ONLINE BUSINESS BITCHES - there's 1 FREE-THINKER, one THOUGHT-LEADER and one PROGRESSIVE - and that's YOU!

Because you KNOW there's a better way - not only for business, but a way to live your life to its fullest potential and answering ONLY to what your soul needs to be content.

So you nod and smile. And go off and do what you were going to do anyway.

And let them wait for their next software update...

I promise you this. Their business will NOT still be standing in 5 years. If you haven't got the ovaries to THINK AND WORK OUTSIDE THE BOX - you're not going to make it.

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