Massive Action vs. Tiny Imperfect Steps

By Alex

January 14, 2022

We know we gotta "work, work, work, work, work" - but which is the best method?

Huge big head-down action or teeny-tiny steps moving us ever closer to our destination?

Well, I think it's best to have a blend of the both. I mean none of us are in this game because we want to be tied to the desk 14 hours a day - and, personally I'm off to swim in the sea after lunch so I'm not going to be hanging around.

In that instance, it's the continuous small, but tangible steps you take which contribute to your growth.

Every day creating content. Every day writing that blog. Every day marketing your business. Every day asking for the sale.

But also, nor are we going to build an empire and experience huge personal success by tinkering 15 minutes a day and telling ourselves we're filling the bucket!

But then there are also the tasks which require more in-depth thinking - or even those which "ought to be done" but are slipping away from your attention because you either i) just don't want to do them or ii) they don't seem the HIGHEST PRIORITY from where you're sitting right now.

And those are the tasks which can be completed during a WORKATHON - that is, when you plan to sit down at your desk for 6 hours (bar toilet, coffee & biscuit breaks 😁) and simply demolish that list.

Work through ALL the niggly little items and just get them fucking DONE.

Plan out the steps for that bigger project and decide when it's going to be done.


Whether your daily action tasks are small but all drip, drip, dripping into that bucket which needs to be filled - or you work like a demon for a WORKATHON and tackle a HUGE project in a day - it all brings clarity.

Because the more work you do, the more you think about your business and the best way to run it.

Whilst you're waiting at the starting gates for permission to build, market & grow - you're not getting anywhere either with the business - OR with the vision of it.

And what you decide within these actions does NOT need to be where you'll want to be in 3 or 6 months down the line - but it brings you faster TO that 3 or 6 month decision point.

There are three big leaps to clarity and business focus:

  1. Doing the small steps every day - well, I'm calling them small steps - but we could also call them "non-negotiable daily activities" as they are the things we have to do every single damned day to market our business and grow - because it ain't gonna market itself!
  2. Chomping down on the BIG projects and making good progress on their completion. You'd be amazed at what you can do when you sit down, truly focus and ensure you actually get the job done. 6 x 1hr in practice is very different to a 6 hr chunk of time!
  3. Ticking all the "niggly little jobs" off the list. All the things you know you OUGHT to have done, but have not seemed a huge priority. These - whether you like it or not - are troubling your sub-conscious and once you can "get rid of them" it allows your sub-conscious to come up with the next batch of ideas - and I'm all for the letting the silent part of your brain do the hard graft! 😁

But, WORKATHON is bloody hard. Seriously. You know it's going to be hard - think back to your University days when you pulled an all-nighter to get your assignment done and handed in by 9am! 

It's that kind of mentality. You are doing your BEST WORK and there is a time-limit. No fannying around with the washing machine, a "quick scroll" or any other time-sucking activities. It's full-on and unrelentless.

This is why I don't do it every week. I work like this once per calendar month to get serious momentum & clarity with my business because it gives me that extra push and extra "muscle-power" to get shit done!

What could you achieve in 6 hours if you REALLY focused, sat down without distraction and did the fucking work?

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