Non-negotiable Daily Sales & Marketing Activities

By Alex

October 1, 2021

Because you're running an Online Business - and not a fancy, online hobby - your job is to sell - and that means that EVERY.SINGLE.DAY you have to get out there - market and sell your stuff.


This is NOT something you do after you've done everything else. It comes first.

Put away the email, the Endless Scroll of Doom [tm], the 'just checking in on your clients' and concentrate on building YOUR business! 

This means starting with you taking care of your BIG MARKETING (evergreen) activity first.

For me this is writing a blog, for you it might be shooting a video for YouTube, writing a newsletter or any other activity which is going to help expand your audience, spread your message AND won't disappear into the dusty, cobwebbed vaults of Social Media in approximately 14 minutes!

Next up, you SHARE this 'BIG marketing activity' across your other platforms to reinforce the message. 

Then - you are BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS - always - you are the SELFISH BITCH number 1 - no excuses.

So hit the timer and work on some program creation or strategy.

And now... CLIENT CHECK-INs. 

The biggest payers get helped first. That's just a question of authority, respect and trust. You don't spend 20 minutes fishing for an answer to a $7 sale. But the person spending thousands of dollars with you every month? Yeh, too right they get your attention... AFTER you've worked on YOUR business!

Once you've worked your way through your priority list of clients then you need to take care of some daily admin activities such as checking your daily revenue and if you're for example on a big list-building expedition, you'll probably want to check in your list growth too. (Ignore the unsubscribes - I myself have already unsubscribed from 6 lists today, just because they were no longer relevant to me - although I'm sure the products/people were great, I just don't want it in my life right now).

Finish off your day by again GROUNDING yourself and planning out your top 3 activities for tomorrow.

There is no excuse. This is your business and if you're running a business and not just fucking around on Social Media every day - then you have a BUSINESS RESPONSIBILITY for NON-NEGOTIABLE TASKS & GROWTH

Get the fuck on with it and discipline yourself.

Swipe my Daily SALES & MARKETING Checklist!

Grab the EXACT checklist I use to grow my business DAILY with actionable steps.

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