Rules are for people who like being told what to do

By Alex

April 27, 2021

Most of us live by Judeo-Christian "rules".

You don't kill people. You don't steal. You don't covet your neighbour's ox (unless it's one damned FINE looking ox... )

That sort of thing.

We don't NEED to be told that these are things we shouldn't do.

But then there's a different type of RULE.

Rules set in stone by those who like others to stay INSIDE THE BOX.

The people who don't have FIRE IN THEIR SOULS.

The people who don't YEARN for MORE!

Don't wear green & blue together. It'll look weird.

Women over 40 shouldn't have long hair.

Fat women shouldn't shave their head. πŸ˜‚

Never wear horizontal stripes.

Be a good wife.

Be a good daughter.

Be a good mother.

Be a good blaaaaaah.

There are no prizes for "being a good woman".

Nobody really gives a shit. But it keeps you nice and secure in Gilead.

Some people just LIKE being told what to do.

Now I'm British, so I love a good queue and we get very CROSS when people push to the front of the queue when we're just trying to buy cheese or board a train! 

But there are an awful lot of people out there RELISH being told what to do in EVERY facet of their life.

When you're being told what to do -  you don't need to think. You don't need to question whether it's right or wrong. You just follow the rules and get your "good girl" sticker like a child when they behave at the dentist.

I've had my mind BLOWN over the last year - being told it's ILLEGAL (!) to meet up with two friends in the mountains and swim in a loch...

Aaaaaargh. CRAP-OLA!

I've always felt rules were more "GUIDELINES" than absolutes.

They NEED to be BENT.

If you don't bend the rules, then you'll never grow - you'll never discover how great you TRULY are.

You'll just stay in your box.

Sticking to the rules.

Being good.

Thing is... there is ALWAYS more than "one way to skin a cat".

Take for example... the LAW!

Yep. All those rules and regulations which are actually used by the legal profession to... I don't know really. I mean... going back to the Judeo-Christian stuff, we don't need a gazillion rules to tell us that's wrong...

But for the day to day stuff. Any problem you might find yourself in.

There's a law.

And a counter-law.

There is ALWAYS a way to bend what we THINK are the rules.

There will have been SOMEONE before you who bent the DAMNED RULES!

Someone brave enough to say:

"NO - I will NOT do that."

And they got the judge to see their pov and a ruling was passed.

And YOU get to USE that ruling.

Because there is ALWAYS a way.

Even when things seem really tough and it's EASIER to stick to the rules and be TOLD what to do.

There is another way.

YOUR way.

You know in your heart what is RIGHT - and what is the BEST path for you to truly live the way you NEED to live.

And it's not just about business - or growing in the online space.

It's about STEPPING INTO the person you need to be to acknowledge that you are BETTER.

Fuck the rules.

You are a DIAMOND and they're not malleable.

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