How Much Should You Charge For Your Course?

By Alex

April 28, 2021

This is a question which comes up over and over again for women entrepreneurs who are selling their programs, packages and courses online.

"How much should I charge?"

Long story short. There is no "perfect price" and nobody anywhere is going to be able to put a definite number on what you have to offer - so here's how you can price your course... without feeling like a total dick or even more confused!

First thing they're going to say is "charge what you're worth".

Um. 'K.

Wasn't issued with THAT guidebook aged 16!

I do know what my corporate daily rate was... not that I ever got to see that! πŸ˜‚

So. On to courses.

You can look around at what your competitors are charging and charge that. 

Or maybe you'll decide to go $100 lower. $200 lower. $500 lower.

But believe me. It is NEVER ABOUT the PRICE!

Your job is to communicate with your BRAND VOICE and your BRAND PERSONALITY the value of the transformation you're bringing.

Then you start fiddling around with price.

You can jiggle things around. Go up a bit and add something. Go down a bit and remove something.

Bottom line - the price has to be:

1. FOR YOUR CLIENT: A total fucking NO-BRAINER. She needs to think "FUCK YES! This is what I've been waiting for!" and "HELL I NEED THIS!". She needs to know she's getting an absolute steal which is going to TURN her shit around!

2. FOR YOU: You need to be adequately compensated for your time. For your knowledge. For your energy. You need to be able to stick a price on this which makes you feel you're operating with INTEGRITY. You're not ripping anyone off. Not your client - and not you!

If you don't charge "enough" then you'll feel resentful towards the client(s) and that's not going to be a great working relationship. You'll feel shitty and quite possibly passive-aggressive towards them - and that's going to suck a whole load of mental energy away - and frankly, life's too short.

You've probably heard that we pay the doctor NOT for the 20 minute consultation - but for the 5 years medical school + the further years of training and specialisation.

You don't need to charge a bargain hourly rate, you're being paid for your PROBLEM-SOLVING SOLUTIONS and how quickly you bring these to the table.

Do NOT fall into the trap of thinking "oh, if I just charge a bit less than "her", then all the clients will come to me".

Nup, never gonna happen.

It's NEVER about the price.

They are FEELING her ENERGY and want to be in her ORBIT.

Which might sound slightly bonkers, but - nearly everything we buy in life is because of the way it makes us FEEL.

You can buy cheap underwear from a discount store or a supermarket... or you can visit a boutique and buy silk or cotton. They're still under-crackers holding your bits in place! πŸ˜‚


This is why PERSONALITY BRANDING is SO important and why you need to become VISIBLE - in a way which SUITS YOU - so that people can learn about your personality, see you in action and think "yep, that crazy bitch gets ME!".

So yeh. 

Package it up. 

Jiggle stuff around until it FEELS right to YOU! Because it's really all about your ENERGY and VIBE. 

NOT how many PDFs/life Q&A sessions or ugh... a personal ugh... the gift you send your client because they signed up to work with you!

When you're trying to price your course - know that it's NEVER about the price. Jiggle stuff around until it feels right. Add a little. Remove a little. Sweeeeeet! #femaleentrepreneurs @StrategyAlex

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