It’s up to You to Sit at the Table

By Alex

December 14, 2021

If you want a "seat at the table" - amongst those who've made it, those who inspire you, those who motivate you and those with whom you want to make company?

It's up to YOU to pull up a chair and sit down like you ALWAYS deserved to be there.

Nobody is coming along to do the work for you or invite you to sit at the table. YOU are the one who needs to make that decision.

You need to decide that you are within that 1% and that you have a RIGHT to be sat at the big table with the big players.

Too many female entrepreneurs wait to be "lifted up" without ever realising or perhaps without ever having the confidence to simply put THEMSELVES there because they damned well want to BE there!

Big jobs have big responsibilities, big capabilities and big creative executions.

You don't get to achieve those without DECIDING that you are in that space.

You have to decide that you're a WINNER before you take action - you need to CHOOSE that you will succeed and that you WILL make it happen.

Because seriously, I speak from experience of my corporate career thinking that if I waited long enough, was patient enough and did the "right stuff" - my talents would be recognised and I would be rewarded with the big, corner office.

Turns out - you have to DECIDE that it's already yours.

The 1% CHOOSE to operate at the top level

You need to act like the woman who's ALREADY sat at the big table - and those big decision can have big consequences. You have to be prepared to follow through with decisions you make and operate from a place of a working CEO.

This is NOT the time to be timid or reserved in your approach.

And that does not mean that you need to become someone you're not - e.g., an abrasive, cruel, overly-ambitious back-stabber (!) - but instead that you will NOT back down. You will NOT give up. You will NOT get in line behind everyone else and patiently wait your turn.

The 1% take what they want because they feel they deserve it and they're not waiting for ANYONE'S permission.

It's not "fake it 'til you make it" - but it's operating at a level you'd operate at if you were "ALREADY THERE" - if you were already making the million a year or sitting at that leather-topped desk in the corner-office.

You get to decide whether you take your place amongst the 1% or you talk yourself out of it like a meek mouse!

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