Buyers Use Google – “Gatherers” Use Social Media

By Alex

December 16, 2021

Some-fucking-how women entrepreneurs have ended up in a position where they BELIEVE that by posting indiscriminately on Social Media they'll win an audience who will BUY - and that apparently it's as simple as that.

Well.. hell to the fuck NO!

There's a difference between buyers and gatherers - and it really is as simple as those with intent to BUY something get on to Google and figure out exactly what they want... and from whom.

GATHERERS hang out on Social Media idly "thinking" about stuff - but without real intent and far, far from taking action and making a decision which brings about change to themselves or to their business.

And... herein lies the crux - people who buy from Social Media are frequently disappointed. From the "prom dress" with the empire line seam somewhere approximately hip placement and designed for the elusive 7'10" tall woman - through the picnic table suitable for a doll-house all the way through to the plain ol' scam designer knock-off boots which never arrive anyway.

Serious buyers use serious companies they find on Google (or any other search engine) and they're using Google because they're ready to take action.


Inbound marketing are the activities you do AS A BRAND which bring clients to you - and the easiest way to lend credibility to your business is by building up your company, your personality branding, your content, your authority by increasing the gravity of your website... and by blogging.

And in turn... blogging increases your SEO, showers you with Google love and your website rises up through the rankings to put those action-taking buyer's eyeballs right where you want them.

On YOUR site!

A one-page webpage and a sprinkling of Social Media posts really doesn't cut it - no matter how charismatic you are or how many "live" videos you do where you chirp "hey Al-ex... I'm so excited you could join me... I'm just going to wait a few minutes for some other people to join".

Serious people want to BUY!

Serious customers don't want to wait for you to fanny around welcoming others.

If they want to drop money on YOU then you need to make THEM feel special - not just part of a line-up or a "mark".

Their time is precious and they deserve to be respected.

Give them the information they seek and stop fucking about on Social Media - home to the GATHERERS.

GATHERERS are people who are idly watching and they're not ready to make a decision. They're telling themselves they're learning but really they're just wasting time... waiting to be hit by a bolt of inspirational lightning... which ain't never gonna come! 

GATHERERS are waiting for permission. BUYERS don't need anyone's permission.

Which quality of customer are you looking for? The ones who are ready to take action and buy from you? Or the ones just idly scrolling... confusing the fuck out of themselves by ingesting more garbage? 

Leave a Comment... I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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