Break Glass in Case of Emergency!

By Alex

November 4, 2021

Breaking point - where you cannot envisage another 1, 5, 10, 20 years of the current status quo of shit in life + business... then it's time to BREAK THE GLASS!

Only YOU are ever going to be able to drag yourself out of the mire - and hard as it is, only you can make the big decisions towards living your life and running your business the way you want it/need it to be run.

There are no "right answers", but what I know for sure is that you need to do it YOUR way. You can look to others for guidance, strategies and tactics - but you have to put this through your OWN FILTER to decide which bits are going to work for you - and which are absolutely not!

Trust your gut! It's not lying to you. It's the thing that's stopped you walking down that dark alley on your own. It's the thing which has stopped you making the REALLY shit decision (maybe not all of them! πŸ˜‚) and has kept you safe. The older we get the easier it is IMO to trust those gut instincts - and perhaps the less we actually give a shit about not doing what we've been told to do. 

Perhaps an understanding that the consequences of acquiescence are harder than the consequences of sticking two fingers up!

Maybe the changes you need to make are HUGE - but the more action you actually take - the more journaling you do, the more writing you do (blogs) - the more the answers will come to you and you'll find that clarity you were desperately searching for.

Clarity, like big bags of cash and flat abs don't fall in to your lap un-asked for and UN-WORKED for!

Waiting for clarity to arrive is a ... I was gonna say fast-track - but actually it's the slow-track to failure and NEVER finding the answers - because only when you DO take action do you learn what's working for you - and what's not.

Every single word you write makes your sub-conscious work... and it WILL bring you the results you're looking for - but it's like that muscle that needs to be worked for it to remain strong.

Without CLARITY your business won't ever hum along - you'll just lurch from one shiny object to the next hoping that THIS will be THE ONE to send you stratospheric... but until you actually understand WHAT you're doing and HOW you're doing it (for you!) - then it's just not going to work.

Beginners in the entrepreneurial world are often look to their why (which IMO doesn't stand up to real scrutiny - it's just a cheap trick) - but until you've tried things - you don't know. They're told they need to "sell their passion" πŸ™„ and then they tend to leap on this one course idea they pull out of their arse - and then 6 months later they're flogging that dead horse thinking that if they just applied the same strategies they did "last time" it would all come together.

But then they start feeling shit about themselves and saying they're "no good at sales" or "not cut out for business" - but the only problem was, they never had that great CLARITY! And the thing is? That doesn't come out of a jar or a chapter of a book or a course - it can only EVER come from you - after you've done the fucking work!

There's actually nothing wrong with doing the first course. Selling the first thing. BUT (!) - you have to be brave enough and ready enough to BREAK THE FUCKING GLASS and move on if it's not working out the way you wanted it to. 

Going HARDER is never going to fix WRONG!

And that's what we need to do - we need to walk this path and the best route for us and us alone. But only by actually doing the work, starting, working, doing something daily do we truly learn now to take the action - BE the action and LIVE the action.

It's all down to us.

But you have the ability (and the permission) to yank that emergency cord any time you like and flip the script.


*Unfortunately me for the flat abs haven't landed in my lap yet - so I've had to haul my fat ass back to the gym this week. It's a change I've DECIDED to make - and I am the on who needs to own the responsibility for this. To put it through MY filter - e.g., the 6 days/week + organised classes don't fit with MY vision of how I want my fitness to go - but a few gym sessions along with swimming in the sea and walking on the beach or up the hills is going to be better for MY soul and my overall happiness.

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