Leave the Light On – I’m Not Done yet!

By Alex

November 2, 2021

Entrepreneurship is messy. You leave the 9-5 and the "unreasonable and unpredictable" calls upon your time - only to find yourself firing up your keyboard at 4am and working past midnight because your own business will be more mentally demanding than ANY corporate job... although generally the boss is nicer! 😁

Thing is - if you don't accept that this is the reality of building your business - you're doomed to fail.

Sure, we've all heard of the "4 hour work week" - and despite my reservations of farming out tasks and taking advantage of those in developing nations... πŸ₯Έ - I'll leave that rant for another time πŸ˜‚ - the reality is, when the work needs doing - you need to crack the fuck on with it and get it done.

A concept I've recently come across is the 24 HOUR PUSH THE FUCK THROUGH IT DAY.

Sounds brutal? Yep, it is - but here's the thing. When you're creating, developing courses and improving your online coaching offers, you've likely got a stack of notebooks of stuff you WANT - or should I say NEED? - to implement.

And... because you get so caught up in your DAILY ACTIVITIES - you never actually get to the bottom of the pile.

So... once a quarter you need to do your 24 HOUR PUSH THE FUCK THROUGH IT.

Set yourself up with coffee/snacks/water/your favourite tunes - right now I'm ALL over Miley Cyrus - used to write her off as just another Disney kid - but my god she's good! πŸ₯ƒ

Then... for that 24 hours you work. You simply work your way through that tough list and cross off as many things as possible.

Sure, you'll need a fair amount of sleep to catch up - but you will (I promise!) get SO MUCH DONE and it's going to allow you to leap forwards with your business into a new zone.

Because... when you want to "level up" in your business truly - the ONLY BARRIER IS YOU!

And you can sit there and make excuses as to why it wouldn't work for you, or why you couldn't possibly do that - and then moan at the end of the year that you're still in the place you were before.

Or... you can haul on your cashmere socks, break out your "treat coffee" and just get the fuck on with it.

Leave the light on honey - I'm not done yet

Of course, I'm a realist - and a single mum of 2 kids. So for me, I can ONLY realistically do this when they're away with their father for a few days - because I do not have the mental capacity to organise my business AND focus on my kids. 

So when you're choosing your 24 hour marathon - be sensible. If you've got a shit-ton of commitments and lots going on in your life and no support - you just can't do it.

BUT, you sure as shit can plan to do this once in a while.

One of my most enjoyable sessions was booking in to a hotel to do this - had a lovely sea-view room, room-service and everything I needed RIGHT THERE in that suite to stay focused on my business.

No "quickly putting on the washing", "sorting out that random kitchen draw", "walking the dog" or any of the other myriad of activities we can find ourselves doing when we're procrastinating over actually y'know, DOING THE FUCKING WORK!

So if it's NOT going to be possible for you to do this at home with the commitments you currently have - look for a weekend in a hotel. One day to work - the next to relax, explore a new city, have a spa treatment or whatever else it is which makes your heart sing - because you WILL deserve a reward after pushing yourself so hard.

Running your own business is NOT easy - anyone who says it is is perhaps "evading the truth" shall we say and invoking "recollections may vary"! πŸ˜‚

Half-arsed efforts produce half-arsed results. 

How do I know this? Hmmn, I lived IT... and the results were not pretty! 

I want to know - how much do you think you could achieve if you participated in a 24 HOUR PUSH THE FUCK THROUGH IT MARATHON?

Leave a Comment... I'd love to hear your thoughts!

  • Awesome motivation! I’m off to schedule a babysitter. Lol. Jokes aside, I could get a LOT done if I switched myself off from distraction, and I’m all for that!

    • A woman’s work eh? There’s always some form of “life admin” needs doing. I think that was why I made SUCH a leap going to the hotel for a weekend – no distractions and no “could just do this, it’ll just take 5 minutes”.

      And once you’ve paid for the room and travelled to the hotel – you’ll damned well take advantage of it!

      I can’t think straight when the kids are babbling at me… hello 4am! πŸ˜‚

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